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Girdle of Venus the Real Palmistry Meaning

girdle of venus

Girdle of Venus and Various Meanings in Palmistry

In its perfect form, the Girdle of Venus is mainly a curved line under the ring and middle fingers. Sometimes a horizontal line (or group of lines) lies above the heart line. In the latter, it looks like a floating heart line. This girdle of Venus can be broken up, or it can be a complete line.

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The meaning of the line (or lines) varies depending on its length, quality, and the type of hand it has. In most cases, it is only present in sections. If only a couple of section lines are present, it shows better control over emotional reactions.

More than one Girdle of Venus line

Often there are multiple lines or fragments of the line. The girdle is like an additional heart line that adds extra sensitivity and intensity to the emotional side of the personality. These people, extra above the heart line, tend to be flirtatious and passionate. It shows a need for emotional security. In some cases where the heart line is absent, such as the Simian line, it takes the heart line’s place and helps in the emotional aspect.

girdle of venus

Advantages of a Girdle of Venus

From a positive perspective, the girdle of Venus signifies a compassionate and open-hearted character. It is good if on someone in the caring profession because they understand the pain of others. If on a writer’s or artist’s hand, the subject could depict emotion well in their work due to the vivid imagination.

Disadvantages of having the Girdle of Venus

The girdle of Venus can denote an intense state of nervousness and quick temper (if aspects on the hand show these qualities elsewhere). The social and responsible aspects are blocked when the line is a full half-circle. These people need to try harder than others to be accepted.

A Fully Formed Girdle of Venus

Generally, the Girdle of Venus in its full form strengthens whatever characteristics are present in the temperament of the individual. It is a mark of heightened nerves, feelings, and emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

Spiritualism, Escapism and Drugs

Someone with these girdle lines might often need to escape the mundane life and do something that takes them away from it. To these people, visions and dreams are a part of their life. It might be something like meditation, art, or spiritualism, or sometimes it can be sexual. Taking drugs, alcohol, or medications is common in those with these lines. In the latter’s case, there may also be an escape line.

The long (extended) Girdle of Venus

An extended version of this line originates from under the little finger (Mercury) and stretches across to the area between the middle and index finger. It shows someone with a broader range of emotions. However, these emotions may be more challenging to control, especially if there is no creative expression outlet.

Multiple Girdle of Venus lines

If there are many fine lines on top of one another across almost the entire top section, it shows someone with a great degree of sympathy and emotional sensitivity. They might constantly need excitement and variety (perhaps through drugs). Or the subject might be in continual need of some emotional stimulation.

Girdle of Venus on a Water Hand

If with a full Girdle of Venus on a soft water type hand, its owner can be tough on the outside, but they may experience the opposite on the inside. Their feelings are easily hurt, and they are quite receptive to what is going on around them. They can quickly become addicted to stimulants, and sad movies make them cry due to their empathic nature.

Is the Girdle of Venus Good or Bad?

When unbroken and deeply etched, together with a weak life and head line, it may be a sign of selfishness or irrational or neurotic behaviour, especially if with a weak or broken head line. If the girdle is stronger than the heart line, the person might not be able to connect well in an emotional way. They can be moody and complex in a way that they fantasise a lot.

Is the Girdle a Line of prostitution?

In the old palmistry, the name Girdle of Venus was the line of prostitution, or the prostitution line, because some people with it tend to be quite sexually active. In a modern view, the word flirtatious would be appropriate, especially if the heart line has many branches.

The Mirage line is another term for these lines

Johnny Fincham uses the term ‘mirage line’ and describes this line on a coarse-skinned hand with large base phalanges as someone who escapes into sensual excess. He also mentions that men and women with the mirage line (Girdle of Venus) tend to seek out strong partners in life who are more level-headed than themselves. He mentions that in fragmented form, they produce an overly sensitive and introverted emotional type.

The Broken Girdle of Venus

If the lines are delicate and broken, it depicts a more highly-strung Girdle of Venus’s personality. They are like a linkup between the personality’s external and inner conscious sides. Fred Gettings suggests they connect the self-assertive elements with the emotions and are not a favourable marking. The multiple lines, if they follow the shape of the heart line, act as extra heart lines.

Floating Heart Line type of Girdle of Venus

If the line does not reach between the fingers, instead, it seems to ‘float’ above the area of the heart line; it’s a floating heart line. This floating heart line is common when there is no clear heart line or a Simian line present. The personality, in this case, would show much empathy or sensitivity emotionally. This line is often broken or in segments. It can begin between the ring and pinkie space or just below it. Sometimes it is much longer and appears to go across the whole top section of the hand.

A V-Shaped Girdle of Venus

Sometimes the girdle looks like a shape of a V rather than a curved half-circle. In this case, it may be a partial line with a coincidental mix of other lines, not a girdle. There may be rising branch lines from the fate line (Saturn) or the success line (Apollo).

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