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Does a Long Head Line Show Intelligence?

long head line

What is a long head line? 

The head line is one of the major palmar creases that represents the mind. In scientific terms, it is called the ‘proximal transverse crease’. This crease usually commences from the space in between the Index finger and thumb and runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm. If the line runs well more than halfway over, it is classified as being long.

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When the line runs almost all the way across the palm it is very long. If it crosses completely, it is a Sydney line, or Simian line if there’s no heart line. Initially, the Sydney line, as people understood, was just a rather long head line. Researchers discovered a link between the Sydney line and the Simian crease with various medical and psychological issues, including Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia, and developmental psychological issues.

very long head line

What is the meaning of the head line?

This line is one of the most significant on the palm because it reveals a great deal about the essence of you. It gives clues as to how you think and manage (mentally). It can show whether you are struggling or sailing along smoothly and how you make decisions. If you are looking for honesty, stability, intelligence, imagination and rationality, the head line is where you can find some of those answers. It is also possible to see signs of physical injury to the head.


A long line displays someone with a broader range of analytical interests, a person who seems to have more intelligence, however, this is unfitting. The theory may have come about because of the attribute of attention to detail and the no-nonsense approach to life that they have.

The very long head line shows a deep, sophisticated thinker, they tend to consider more evidence before making decisions and are more philosophical than those with a short one. If this line runs entirely across the palm, it’s called a Sydney line and gives obsessive qualities. Johnny Fincham describes the Sydney line as someone cut off from their inner feelings. They have a hard edge over their personality.

If the long head line curves towards the base of the palm, it gives a more empathic nature. I have seen this type of line on a doctors hand.

Albert Einsteins long head line

Albert Einstein had an extended head line that was NOT connected to the life line. The disconnected lines show an independent thinker. Albert Einstein, according to researchers, had Asperger’s Syndrome, a higher-functioning type of autism that is characterised by “eccentric” behaviour rather than apparent impairment. People with Asperger syndrome are often labelled as eccentrics. They can lack social skills, be fascinated with complex subjects, and have communication difficulties (especially in children). However, this type of line on its own is not a sign of Asperger’s.

The general character of a person with a long head line is someone with:
  • A wide range of interests
  • Fond of research
  • Can absorb a lot of information
  • Have many hobbies
  • Sees the future outcome or long term results in a project
  • Can be cut off from their feelings (if straight)
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Example difference between a long and a short line

Someone with an extended head line and long fingers depicts patience. A person who has a short head line and shorter fingers tend to have less patience mentally. For example, if I ask the, ‘what did you learn from your field trip today?’ The short line response would be, ‘We learned how to ski and all stuff’. The answer is simple and straight to the point.

The person with the long line would reply something like; “the bus trip was extremely long and bumpy, I was already tired before we reached our destination. I had never seen such beautiful surroundings, though I enjoyed every minute of the experience. The best part of the trip was that we were taught how to ski downhill without crashing. Even though I crashed a couple of times, it taught me what not to do. We also learned about how to look after your skis and ski boots, it was fascinating.”

The person with the short head line doesn’t want to bother with tiny details and prefers to get to the point quickly. This type might also have shorter fingers showing some impatience.

What if the line is broken?

Sometimes the head line has a break halfway, so it looks like a short head line, but it continues after the break. If the line is broken, it can be a sign of someone who loses their ‘train of thought’. The continuing of the line is interrupted and so can cause a person to change their mind or have moments of confusion.

broken line of head, marks on the head line


A short line is when it only reaches beneath the Saturn finger. It shows one who has more concerns about practical and routine matters preferring to concentrate on what is going on now without fussing over details; getting straight to the point. They do not like to waste time and so quickly apply what they know through common sense and just do the job.



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