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Marriage on the Palm – Relationship lines

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MARRIAGE ON THE PALM – RELATIONSHIP LINES To find marriage on the palm, look on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The marriage lines have many other names. They are commonly referred…

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Love Life Signs in Palmistry Explained

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Love Life Signs in Palmistry You might be wondering what some love life signs in palmistry are? For example, how to see a person’s love style. Are they passionate or unfeeling? Do they have the…

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Does a Long Head Line Show Intelligence?

long head line

What is a long head line?  The head line is one of the major palmar creases that represents the mind. In scientific terms, it is called the ‘proximal transverse crease’. This crease usually commences from…

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Broken Life Line Meaning in Palm Reading

broken life line

In palmistry, the lines on the palm have significance in that they can reveal your experiences in life. One line that is often a concern for people, is the line of life. So when there…

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Bent Middle Finger Meaning in Palmistry

bent middle finger

Bent Middle Finger Do you have a bent middle finger? Ideally, the middle finger (also named the Saturn finger) is straight. The middle finger from a palmistry perspective represents discipline and responsibility. It also stands…

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Love Life in Palmistry – For Relationships

love life through palmistry

Learn About the Love life in Palmistry for Relationships It is evident that knowing about a person’s character helps to form and keep better relationships. Getting to know people takes time and sometimes patience if the…

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