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Marriage on the Palm – Relationship lines

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To find marriage on the palm, look on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The marriage lines have many other names. They are commonly referred to as relationship lines, affection lines, union lines, lines of commitment or lines of attachment. This article explains how to read the line using conventional methods.

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Traditionally, these lines predicted the number of times a person would marry or have a serious relationship. However, modern-day palm readers know that the lines are unreliable for predicting the number of marriages or unions. The lines are not dependable because specific individuals’ hands will reveal every line of every fleeting affair. Some others might only show one line, yet they have married more than once. Very rarely is the line missing altogether.

What is the meaning of the marriage line?

The usual meaning of it is that a distinct horizontal line shows long-term affection (not necessarily marriage). The fine and shorter ones are insignificant or less notable unions. If you have one clear marriage line, it shows that when you are in a union, you stay loyal to the one person during the relationship. If the marriage line has marks and flaws, it is said to depict a problematic union.

The term ‘lines of affection’ are probably more appropriate nowadays, especially in Western culture, where marriage is not as valued. People tend to go for de-facto relationships rather than officially getting married.

What are the chances of getting married if you have a marriage line?

In the United States, today’s growing singles population is over 60% who have never been married. Those people are 99.9% likely to have at least one marriage line on their palms. The chances of marriage, even if you have a marriage line, the chances of marriage are only 40%.

Can you see arranged marriage on the palm?

You might be surprised that the percentage of marriages that are arranged worldwide is 53.2% The percentage of arranged marriages in India is 90%. It seems that the term marriage line in India is more relevant, and worldwide it still stands correct at least 50% of the time.

It’s not really possible to tell from the line if the marriage will be arranged. However, in general, if there is a short and thin line on the left hand, it can suggest an arranged marriage or one of convenience (such as for financial gain). It can also signify that the partner is dominant in the relationship. If there are many short lines, it shows brief affairs.

It is wise to use other indicators on the hand, such as influence lines to the fate line (see image below). Also, parallel lines on the life line can suggest support in life from a partner. See about influence lines here.

types of marriage lines, relationship lines


Light and short mainly depicts a casual or short-term relationship. However, this line can still denote a significant soul mate or even long-term marriage. I have seen short lines where there was a long-standing marriage on the palm, in most of them, the partner was more dominant.

The line length shows how long the affection lasts, not how long the relationship lasts. Therefore, a long and well-etched line shows deep and lasting affection. However, if the line is excessively long and it crosses over the mount of Mercury and Apollo, it’s no longer a sign of marriage. It tells more about the subject’s sensitive nature, much like having a second heart line or a long Girdle of Venus.


If a person only has one relationship line, it does not automatically mean they have one life partner, but ideally, that is how they would prefer it. The single line represents more of the person’s attitude, that being loyal and committed to one person at a time. If long and thick, it shows searching for the ‘right’ partner, a soul mate. The long thick line represents a soul connection with one life companion in various examples. If they happen to marry again, they will want to keep that same outlook with the new partner.

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With two lines, it makes sense that a person will commit to a relationship more than once, most people have more than one soul mate. Look to the heart line for breaks or branches that droop towards the head line. The breaks on the heart line show restriction in the ability to feel; the emotional renewal is when the line continues.

If the two lines are parallel (like directly under it) the union might be purely for show, like business partners or a couple who stay together because of children. Often the marriage ends after the children have grown up. In some cases, it represents another relationship directly after the split.


Not all relationship lines are free of flaws, but the clearer and straighter the line, the fewer problems there will be within the union. However, don’t be disheartened if you do see a flawed line here because almost all relationships have their ups and downs. Also, don’t forget these lines can and do change over time.

On some occasions where this line appears blurry or scarred, it can represent problems with fertility or surgery around the productive system. Look for verification from the rascettes on the wrist; these lines are likely to be also marked. Like other stress signs on the hands, resolved problems will have the lines return to normal.

meaning of marks on the relationship line


A forked formation at the start of the marriage line shows a problematic beginning to the union. However, it can also be a sign of soul mates coming together. As an example of a difficult start to a union, a person might be unable to marry someone because they live in different countries, or have different religions.

At the end of the line, it shows the potential of the relationship ending awkwardly. The fork can also suggest the relationship is not steady. The lower branch depicts unsatisfying times and the top branch shows good times. Therefore, if predicting the state of the union, it can go either way, up or down.


When will I get married? Probably the second most popular question I have been asked and perhaps one of the hardest to answer. Whether only one line is present or more, the timing needs to be verified from the influence lines, if there are any present. Unfortunately, though, not all hands will have these lines for confirmation, especially if the skin is coarse and sparsely lined. Finding validation from parallel lines along the life line is another option, using the timing to estimate the age.

As a general guide, if the line falls below the middle section of the mount, the union is expected to be at a younger age. The higher the line on the mount, the later the marriage is likely to occur.

timing marriage lines, union lines

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