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Palm Warts the Meaning in Hand Analysis

palm warts

What are palm warts?

Palm warts are small rough, grainy skin growths often found on the hands. They might also have tiny black dots (formed by clotted blood vessels). Common warts are noncancerous and usually caused by a viral infection of the skin. The cause is a virus called human papillomavirus. There are many variations of the virus. The one that causes warts on the hands differs from those in other body parts.

Some people think palm warts are malignant, but they are harmless. Most warts go away without any treatment. The cause might be that the immune system is weak for various reasons. However, in palmistry, many see these warts as something other than a skin infection.

See your doctor about warts on the palm if:

  • They are painful or change in appearance.
  • You’ve tried to treat them, and they continue or spread.
  • They interfere with activities.
  • You aren’t sure if they’re common warts.

Palm Warts in hand analysis

In hand analysis, warts show anxiety and self-criticism. Warts can appear on the palms due to long-term stress and emotional and mental overload; things might be out of control for the person. Like a bubble, a small white or pale spot has the same connotation as a wart on the palm.

  • On or near a union line (marriage line) under the pinkie on the side:  Problems within the relationship or with the sex organs.
  • On the Mercury mount (padded area under the pinkie): Communication or business issues.
  • Apollo mount or line (padded area under the ring finger): Reputation harm or stress within a social circle.
  • Saturn mount or line (padded area under the middle finger): Work, responsibility, legal or father/grandfather problem.
  • Jupiter mount (padded area under the index finger): Self-esteem or block in ambitions.
  • Venus mount (the ball of thumb): Worry over other people or actual physical disease.
  • Mount of Moon (lower padded area opposite the thumb): Long-term stress over emotional matters or mother/grandmother.
  • Tip of the thumb: Unable to make things happen.
  • Tip of the index finger: Lack of confidence.
  • On the middle fingertip: Worry over security, safety or money.
  • Ring fingertip: Relationships, social or creative block.
  • Tip of the pinkie: Business or sexual communication block.
  • The middle of the palm: Long-term personality issues such as bad temper, impatience, or lack of drive.

Other things to look for about the health from the hands

It’s always good to check for other signs on the hands in case of health concerns. Fingernails can give clues to some of these problems. When looking for clues to the health of the nails, we apply the same principles as for the hands: finding something unusual.

A nail usually takes six months to grow from the root to the tip, so some markings can be timed based on where it is on the nail. For example, a horizontal ridge halfway along the nail would suggest a change around three months ago. A typical healthy nail is pliable; it has a smooth texture; an average thickness, and the colour of the nail is typically light pink. The moons should be milky white and usually only visible on the thumb. See about the fingernails here.

A delicate textured hand should have matching smooth-looking nails. The healthy balance is out of proportion if the nails are coarse on a soft hand. The coarse nail is usually short, dry and dense, more commonly seen on a big hand with rough skin.

The red nailbed mainly points to someone with intense passion or extra strength. Very red nails can be due to high blood pressure, bad temper or cardiovascular disease. Look at the colour of the palms to see if they are red. If so, the subject may be doing everything in excess, mentally or physically.

Colour of the palms

We check the colour of the hands, looking for clues to the individual’s health. The colour is what shows the circulation of the blood or lack of it. The blood runs through the veins and arteries; it absorbs and carries away impurities, renewing and maintaining life.

The pink palm has a healthy amount of blood flowing and is a health mark. This colour depicts a vibrant, happy person, not pressured by too much blood or weakened by too little. These people can appreciate love and tenderness. They are optimistic, enjoy life and are social with people around them. It is the colour that balances the negative aspects of the hand.

PALE (WHITE) HANDS: The white hand shows coldness, a lack of warmth, life and desirability. Rather than be social, pleasant and comfortable, they have no interest in pleasing others. The blood does not reach the skin adequately, which comes from the muscularly weak heart. White-handed people lack enthusiasm and passion for love. However, they are imaginative and mystical. Many have an active mind which makes good litterateurs as a poet or prose writer.

RED HANDS: The redness of the hands comes from the force of the blood flow. It shows intensity in everything they do, whether business, art, love or war. They may find it hard to exercise self-control because the mind is blocked in its action by forceful blood. They show activity in the body and mind to the extreme. If only on the fingertips, the brain is active. If only on the inner Mars mount, they feel angry or anxious about something.

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