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Love Life Signs in Palmistry Explained

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Love Life Signs in Palmistry

You might be wondering what some love life signs in palmistry are? For example, how to see a person’s love style. Are they passionate or unfeeling? Do they have the energy for love, or are they sexually timid? These are questions that you might have when first entering a relationship.

The shape of the hand is the first place that we look for clues. The skin also comes into play when thinking about sensitivity and physical pleasures. The length of the fingers helps explain their love style. From the lines on the palm, we look mainly at the heart and head line.

Love life signs from a narrow shaped hand

A slim hand that appears long shows someone who might fall in love too quickly. If the hands feel soft and kind of damp with many fine lines all over the palm, it shows someone sensitive, intuitive and dreamy. Individuals with a slender and long palm are primarily introverted, preferring peace and moving at a slower pace in life. Don’t expect this sensitive soul to watch erotica with you! Because of their connection to emotions, it is easy to hurt their feelings. They can also pick up other people’s moods without even realising it.

Large palm with short fingers

Roundish or conic shaped hands (large palm short fingers) tend to be naturally romantic and impulsive. This shape is a fire type hand, and because of their energy and enthusiasm, they will usually try anything at least once. They are mostly the extroverted type with a personality that is charismatic, impulsive, adventurous, fun-loving and intense, physically and mentally. It is the fire types that are most likely to stray.

Square looking hands are the practical types. This shape shows someone down to earth, dependable and straightforward. If you are thinking about anything more than vanilla, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. Another thing is that they might get stuck in a routine that’s difficult to change. This earth shaped hand depicts a more private person. If you’re looking for loyalty, you’ve found it.

The character from the type of skin

  1. If the hands are soft, they seek pleasure.
  2. Very thin skin shows a lack of passion.
  3. Thick skin (if not coarse in texture) shows warmth and sensuality.
  4. Coarse skin is less sensitive to the feelings of others and tends towards physical pleasure.

Love Life Signs in Palmistry From the Heart Line

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  1. A curved heart line shows warmth and passion.
  2. A straight and short heart line is someone who loves their freedom. There is more physical attraction than emotional.
  3. A long heart line to Jupiter mount can be picky. They are the idealist.
  4. The line which reaches all the way to the index finger depicts the big-hearted individual. They are happiest when everyone around them is happy. They will express themselves clearly and you will know what they want from you.
  5. A Simian line can be very passionate or the opposite, very cold, depending on other factors. They might fluctuate from one to the other.

Signs from the head line

four types of head line on the palm
  1. A straight head line belongs to the more serious-minded type.
  2. A slightly curved head line depicts a flexible nature; they like to please others.
  3. A deeply downward curving line is a sign of a deep thinker, but it can also be moody and overly emotional.
  4. If the head line is barely visible, broken or wavy, the person might be passionate but also opinionated and unstable mentally.

The fingers

The shape of the fingers can give us clues to a person’s sensuality. The thicker the fingers, the more energy there is for life (unless very soft and floppy). The base phalanges and the ball of the thumb are where we look for the amount of sex drive. If the ring and little finger base phalanges are incredibly thick and bulbous, together with a high mount of Venus, it is a sign of a seducer with a high libido.

Long fingers tend to show someone who takes their time in getting to know someone before they jump into bed with them. The shorter fingers show impatience and belong to someone who wants to get things done quickly and now.

Little Finger length

When the little finger is sitting very low on the edge of the palm, it suggests under-development of the traits that the mount beneath it represent, for instance, confidence and communication. These people might be more private and emotional needs in relationships may be an issue.

The long pinkie can show a talent for creativity and communication, which can help in the area of intimacy. A small pinkie then shows the opposite, which is someone who is shy and quiet in their love style. The very small looking pinkie shows difficulty connecting, verbalising and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. If with a small thumb, they may also inadvertently seek a dominant marriage partner. 

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  1. […] People inherit many physical features and character traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it. The basic shape of the hand is especially an important part of reading the palms because it helps us determine the first and most fundamental character of the person, and what’s relatively important for most people in relationships is their sex life. […]

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