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Marks on the Life Line, Drooping and Rising Lines

marks on the life line, dot on life line, island on life line, cross on life line, drooping line on life line, branch line

Marks on the life line, dots, crosses, stars, slashes. What do they mean?

Not everyone has marks on the life line. A hand with very few lines and markings belong to those who seldom fuss. They are not significantly affected … Read the rest

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Sex Life Palmistry Signs Explained

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Sex Life Palmistry Signs

What are sex life palmistry signs? It doesn’t even make sense. What I’m trying to teach you in this article is about how to see a person’s love style. Are they passionate, or cold? Do they … Read the rest

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Love Life In the Palms and Lines

main lines in palmistry, marriage line, union line, line of attachment, line of commitment, relationship line on palm, love life in palms

Love Life in the Palms Through Palmistry.

Finding the love life in the palms is easy to find if you know what to look for. One surprisingly often looks to the pinkie. However, not all little finger meanings equal in … Read the rest

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Relationship Lines in Palm Reading

marriage line, where is marriage line on palm

Marriage lines, now more commonly called relationships lines.

The relationship lines (also called attachment, marriage or union lines) show more about what the person ‘feels’ about the relationship. For instance, if a line is weak, the union may not last … Read the rest

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Faithful Personality Signs in Hand Analysis

faithful personality, libido in palmistry

What signs might depict a faithful personality?

It’s fair to say that anyone is capable of having a faithful personality, but someone who is more likely than others to be naturally so will have realistic and practical qualities as found largely … Read the rest

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Shy Personality Signs in Hand Analysis

shy personality from palms

Shy Personality Signs in Hand Analysis

I read the hands of people all over the world, and one of the main questions I get asked is, will I be rich? Can I be successful? Or When will I get married? … Read the rest