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Quick and Easy Palm Reading Method

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5 Quick Ways to Do a Palm Reading

Learning palmistry can take many decades of study. However, it is possible through this quick and easy palm-reading method to understand the character almost instantly. You might like to try it on your friends or family. This method requires only a glance at the hand and lines. You can start by looking at the hand size, the fingers, and the palm lines.

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Women’s and Men’s Palm Lines

Women’s hands usually have more lines than men’s. The man with many lines is a thinking type rather than a man of action. A hand with only a few lines means the person likes to concentrate on the central issues in life. They like to stick to their goals and rarely get distracted by other people’s agendas. The deepest lines show where a person is focusing their life.

1. Big or Small Hands Meaning in Palmistry

The first quick and easy palm reading technique involves hand size. Did you know that the size of your hand can show whether you have a balanced personality? To know whether or not you have a small, regular or large hand, we compare it to your face. The hand should be from the wrist bone to the middle finger, the same length as your face, showing a balanced personality. Large hands show a love of details, maybe someone who is an expert at intricate work (but slow). They have a ‘big’ personality. Small hands can represent a more impulsive and impatient nature. These types will be more introverted and susceptible to stress.

2. The Spaces Between the Fingers

Another quick and easy palm reading trick is to look at the fingers. The fingers can help us in the overall analysis, depending on how you hold your hand naturally.

  • When your fingers are close together, you are cautious and conventional.
  • Like a starfish, your mind is quick and flexible if they are wide apart.
  • You are an independent thinker if the index and middle fingers are separated.
  • Someone unconventional has the ring and middle fingers that are parted.
  • If your ring and little finger are separated, you are unrestrained in your decisions and actions.
  • Protruding knuckles belong to the sceptic types.

3. Leaning fingers

If any of the fingers lean toward another, it clues what dominates your life. Generally, if the other fingers go toward the little finger, you live more through instinct and emotion (introvert). However, a conscious effort is your guide if the fingers lean toward the thumb (extrovert) and a sign of leadership. When the fingers cling toward the middle finger, it shows a serious and conservative type. A balanced personality is when the fingers don’t appear to lean or bend.

4. The Type of Lines on the Hand

The general form of the lines on your hand is far more important than the location of any one line or unique mark. The shape of the hand can decide what form your lines take. For instance, a broad hand is inclined to have fewer lines than a long hand. A long hand has more vertical lines compared to a broad hand. Also, the long hand tends to have more faults in the lines, such as breaks, chains, islands etc. The faults aren’t as severe if the main lines are clearly defined. They would indicate some inner struggles or sensitivity.

5. The Map of Your Hand

You can read the hand like a map. Each area represents different things. Dividing the hand into sections, we can also see what areas have the most mental energy, creativity etc. If the lower part of the hand is larger than the upper, there is a lot of physical energy. A wider upper area shows a more intellectual type. If the upper section of the hand has more lines than the lower, the mind is very active. Active can relate to many things, like being creative and mentally productive, but it also could be stress or overdoing things.

The following guidelines describe the meanings of various lines.

  • Deep lines show solid feelings and pronounced likes and dislikes.
  • If only a few lines with average or coarse skin, there is more physical than nervous energy.
  • A few clearly marked lines on delicate skin show someone intuitive with intellectual energy.
  • Many lines all over the palm suggest the person overthinks and has nervous energy.
  • The nervous energy is more constructive if there are many lines, but the main lines are clearly defined.
  • A highly strung and impressionable person will have a spider web of fine lines covering the palms.
  • Deep feelings and inner conflict show on the palms where the primary and other lines are all deeply marked.
  • It depicts passionate feelings if all primary and secondary lines are deep with high mounts.
  • If the lines are deep, but the mounts are hollow or flat shows strong aspirations but are more intellectual than emotional.

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