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True Detective Signs from Your Hands

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Learn the signs from the hands that reveal a true detective

Have you ever met someone who seems to be able to spot details that others miss? Or they might have an instinct about a person they don’t know. If you have true detective signs, you will have intuition, intelligence, observation skills, ability to talk to people and solve problems.

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Did you know that you can see these qualities in your hands? Hand analysis or palmistry now steers away from fortune telling and instead focuses on the character to help people be their best version. In this article, I will explain the unmistakable signs from the hands that show you might be a natural and true detective.

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The Mount of Mercury

Firstly, the mount of Mercury, which sits under the little finger, should be well-developed (thick). It shows someone with that extra something. They have insight, like an investor who beats the market or an entrepreneur who knows how to make money. When this area is thick, it shows energy in communication, like a writer or journalist. It also shows the ability to learn, intellect and diplomacy.

Like the mount of Apollo under the ring finger, the mount of Mercury signifies intuitive abilities, but they differ in how you use them. Mercury’s large or well-marked mount belongs to a person of the world. They might be shrewd, and unless the mount of Apollo is large, they will use their eloquence to win legal cases or an election rather than write poetry. Science appeals to them as a practical way to use intuitive gifts. They can be successful business people as they are very clever.

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True Detective Signs from The Little Finger

The mount of Mercury plays an essential role in hands with short and smooth fingers that emphasize quick thinking. The palm is often long and shaped like a top-heavy trapezoid. The long pinkie finger makes the mount of Mercury important, even if it’s flat. The finger also tells us how you exercise your cleverness. Even with a low or flat mount, the long, little finger belongs to an expressive person. They can always find the right word to express themselves, a good mark for an actor.

The long, little finger with a high mount indicates shrewdness, exceptional wit, and tact. The little finger is very long if it extends as far as the nail of the ring finger. These people know how to deceive you. Unless it is set very low on the hand, an extended pinkie reaches the fingernail on the ring finger. Usually, the little finger reaches the beginning line of the tip section of your ring finger. A short little finger would not extend that far.

A crooked little finger with a high mount beneath it belongs to a person who can easily fool the people around him. Such a person may be a detective or intelligence agent, or crook. A slightly crooked finger emphasizes shrewdness without hinting at deceitful practices. A short finger with a high mount is in the hand of an impulsive, unusually cheerful person. Together with a small narrow mount of Venus, it suggests someone who would be perfectly happy unmarried.

Other palmistry signs of a true detective

So, are you a true detective? You might also have long fingers when measured from the back. You could have a long or curved little finger, an intuition line, a large thumb, and a well-developed mount under the pinkie.

It’s also important to check the palm lines. Usually, the uppermost horizontal line (heart line) will be visible. The lower horizontal line (head line) will be well marked if the person is empathic. If this head line is weak, short, broken or hardly visible, it gives a cold, uncaring nature.

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