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Seven-Year Cycle Time Scale on the Sun Line

In this article, I will explain the seven-year cycle time scale of the sun line. The line of the sun is a companion to the line of fate. Mainly if it follows its entire course from the topmost breast bracelet to the mount of the sun beneath the ring finger. The line of the sun is also known as the Apollo line, the success line, or the line of fortune.

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If this line appears entirely traced, those people seem to have a fair share of good fortune. The type of fortune, like fame and success, is not what I have in mind but more about spiritual blessings. This line can appear on anyone, whether reasonable, religious, intelligent, or moral. The long line of the sun affirms that the person’s culture is in tune with their personal beliefs. The line is frequently present in those with a successful business, but also just as well in a successful bank robber.

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Various Types of Sun Line

The sun line rarely appears entirely from the rascettes. Instead, it often rises from the life line or fate line. Where the line originates should be noted with care as it gives significance. Rising from the fate line means that the person has put in the effort and has only himself to thank for his success. This line might appear in someone employed in their early years but become self-employed later, like around midlife.

From the life line or mount of Venus, the line represents family help and support in their fortune. If the line originates at the mount of the Moon, it represents the non-family support that spurred the success.

Even if the lower parts of the sun line are missing or fragmented, the timescale is still measured from the uppermost rascette. Most sun lines rise from the head or heart lines, indicating around the age of thirty-five and forty-nine. The scale condenses slightly as it rises towards the fingers.

The Universe’s Seven-Year Cycle

Have you ever heard of the seven-year cycle? (Or the seven-year itch?) Like clockwork, there are moves and changes in the universe that impact the energies in our lives in significant ways. One of the planets involved is Uranus. Uranus changes the sign it’s voyaging at regular intervals. The planet signifies freedom and change, which makes sense why our lives might feel shaken as one cycle closes and the other starts. Uranus cycles occur massively, meaning everybody can feel the impacts.

The Seven-Year Cycle Time Scale on the Sun Line

Mainly used in astrology but can also be applied in palmistry. It has tremendous significance in our life. The years fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, thirty-five, forty-two, forty-nine, and fifty-six are when the personality changes course psychologically. It is around 21 that we become ‘adults’. Around 28, we often decide to change our careers or start a family. Around 35, many people make commitments to their partner or career etc.


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