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Venus Mount on the Palm Reveals Your Power

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See Zest for Life From Your Venus Mount and Other Areas of the Palm.

The Venus mount is a term in palmistry for the ball of the thumb. The padded areas on the hand are named after planets, and the ones located under the fingers have the same name as the finger, except the thumb. These mounts have meanings based on the planets and Gods. For example, Venus, the Goddess of love and Mars, the Roman God of war. If one of these areas appears flat, it can indicate that the person does not put much energy into that part of their life, like love or fighting (war).

A large, well-developed mount would suggest the opposite, where much focus directs to the area. The person will have more personal power and energy than someone with a flat mount. However, as a standard rule, if the hand has large mounts all over, the person has high energy levels with enthusiasm for life. If the palm mostly consists of flat mounts, there is less zest for life.

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The mount of Venus

The Venus mount is the padded area enclosed by the line of life. It indicates the ability to express emotions and affection. Symbolising beauty, seduction, romance and love. It also shows the individual’s well-being, demonstrating how much blood flow and energy is available; a flexible, well-rounded mount is ideal, showing someone friendly, fit, sociable, outgoing, sympathetic and affectionate.

You can find music ability from a sharp angle of thumb (angle of Rhythm) and a loop of music on the skin ridge pattern on the lower section of the mount. A flat or flabby mount shows a lack of energy; there may also be physical issues causing tiredness.

A high mount of Venus in a woman’s hand does not tend to be extravagance as a Mount of the same strength would in a man’s hand. In a man’s hand, a big ball of the thumb, when soft, can give him the qualities a Venusian possesses, like attractiveness, love, sympathy and even generosity.

If it is immense and firm, there is enormous vitality and potentially high libido. A very full and hard mount of Venus, together with a thumb with a bulbous tip and an enlarged inner Mars, indicates a bad temper or aggressiveness.

(See the video lesson about this and Mars mount here.)

Mount of Moon

This area at the base of the hand, opposite the Mount of Venus, is the mount of the Moon. It rules your moods, emotions, romance, travel, and imagination and reflects the female principle (yin) – the mother, the wife, and fertility. It associates with the subconscious, sensitivity and passions.

In astrology, the moon represents your true inner self. It is a symbol of emotions. A strong moon would depict a need for giving and receiving emotional support. When the moon is developed in a man, it still signifies his sensitivity (although he might not show it). It can symbolise his mother, his wife, or the ideal woman.

  • The size of the Moon area shows imagination and creativity.
  • A full Moon mount reveals the love of travel, empathy, nurturing and sensitivity.
  • This area is also where we can see intuition and memory.

The Mount of Moon, when well developed, shows a kind, inventive, creative and imaginative personality. They are risk-takers and can succeed in business due to their originality and inspirational ideas.

Jupiter mount

lower mount of mars

The mount of Jupiter beneath the index finger tells how much a person likes to dominate, lead and organise. On a well-marked hand, a large Jupiter mount indicates success from a character’s perspective.

The Jupiter mount shows the self-confidence, pride, ego, religion and the strengths and weaknesses of the character. Jupiter rules your luck, growth and wisdom. They are the most independent of all types in their career. If the Jupiter mount shares the space partially beneath the Saturn finger, there is a hands-on ability to achieve goals.

Someone with strong Jupiter aspects is ambitious and likes to be in charge. They are fearless, determined and have an authoritative charisma, so often seen in the hands of politicians. Any position which allows them to hold a commanding position suits the Jupiterian type. However, that doesn’t mean they are strictly business because often they care deeply and have a warm heart.

Religion is another strong quality of Jupiter, as is the love of food. Their fault can be going too far and extremes in everything, so a well-formed head line is to their benefit.


Sometimes these mounts are not found directly below and in the centre of the finger. This is called a displaced mount. When this occurs, the qualities from one mount are shared with another. The fingers, which relate to the mounts, share similar qualities. Often, a well-developed mount also displays a well-developed finger.

Apollo mount

Under the ring finger is the mount of Apollo or the Sun. When this mount is large, it indicates a desire to be recognised. Positive aspects of Apollo show a versatile, generous, happy and adaptable person. They love to see the beauty in all things. He could be an artist or surround themselves with art. They enjoy luxury and, in the practical world, good taste. Negative aspects point to gambling or paying too much attention to appearances. If the mount of Apollo is displaced towards the mount of Saturn or between the two fingers, the creative side of the personality is significant; often, these people have a loop of seriousness.

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The Saturn finger (middle finger) and the mount beneath it represent your boundaries; it is the balancing force of the psyche aiding rational thought. It is also the symbol of the elderly, grandparents and wise men. A large mount here can reveal pessimism or one with many responsibilities. Positive aspects show an organised and dependable person.

uranus mount


The Mercury finger is the little finger. The little finger and mount represent your ability to communicate in personal relationships or business. It shows how well you connect with others as well as the amount of mental capacity and ideas. Positive aspects show quick wit and intelligence. Negative aspects point to deceitfulness or nervousness.

If Mercury’s mount is large and partially under Apollo, the communication element is used creatively, such as a writer. This displacement usually happens when the Apollo line rises to the finger.

The pinkie (Mercury) finger plays a significant role in the overall character balance; if well-developed, it lessens the struggles to succeed in all areas of life. (See an article about the pinkie meanings here).


The area of Pluto joins the Moon mount and likewise represents the subconscious and imagination. It connects to occultism, death, obsessions and sexual energy. It also reveals nurturing and maternal instincts. In some hands, this area appears to droop below the wrist lines.


The areas of Mars run through the centre of the palm; they show the strength of character, in general. The outer Mars area under the mount of Mercury and above the Moon indicates the amount of moral courage.

The area below the mount of Jupiter and the inside of the thumb is where we find our physical courage and energy. It symbolises action, boldness, and virility. The inner Mars also represents assertiveness, aggression, and violence. A developed mount would belong to an athlete or someone in the military because it shows a higher level of temper and impulsiveness. These people love danger.


Neptune represents inspiration, sentiment, dreams, healing and psychics. However, there is a connection between drug addicts and depression. It shows a highly developed sense of psychology and awareness and of perception of ideas, buildings, and inventions. With a well-developed mount, the individual often loves being near water.


Uranus is a rarely visible mount, and its position in the palm is controversial. It has sometimes been said to lie in between the head and heart line next to the mount of Jupiter. However, it is mostly found near the area where the fate line and head line meet or on the edge of the mount of the Moon.

MARKINGS ON THE MOUNTS Markings on these mounts affect the area described, often heightening the qualities of the mount or showing an over-use of a matter. Some distinct markings can be positive signs depending on what the mount represents.

(See the article about the success line on Apollo here.)

For complete descriptions, including the meanings and development of the mounts, see the book here.

About the life line types on your hand.

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