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Learn Palmistry and the Secrets Your Hands Reveal

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Reasons Why You Need to Learn Palmistry

Why learn palmistry? Because the hands are amazing, what would we do without them? Not only are they the most useful body part, with their amazing capabilities. An article from named ‘The sensory hand” – The Principles of Anatomy as Seen in the Hand (1919), was principally focused on the hand as a motor organ. Fascinated as they were with the capacity of the human hand for precision and dexterity of movement.

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In this, they saw the hand as an executive organ of the brain. To Napier, the hand was the mirror of the brain and ‘there can be no such combination as dextrous hands and clumsy brains’. – What a great quote! The hands really are amazing and most interesting because they also reveal character. When you learn palmistry, you make your life easier.

What is palmistry really?

Palmistry is an analysis of the hands, palm lines, ridges and fingerprints. These days, contemporary palmistry steers away from the predictive side of reading hands. The art in Western culture is mainly used to depict character, career and health. Other cultures do things a little differently. Palm readers in the East tend to prefer the predictive reading of things like accidents and disasters, and some even tell people when they might die. It is not possible to know those kinds of things through their hands and readers should avoid even attempting to look for them.

Most modern-day hand readers do not see palmistry as fortune-telling. People do still want to know their future from their hands, but the problem is that the hands show what is going on right now, not what might happen in the future. Realistically the lines cannot predict the future. People make their own decisions in life. What they can tell you is that whatever you have done up until now, can show as a kind of consequence of what may come. For instance, if you are not taking care of yourself, or if you are addicted to food or substances, your health may suffer down the track.

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Can the hands show illness?

Some indicators on the hands can tell of current poor health, especially if there is a long term condition. However, it’s not guaranteed that you can predict a health problem. If you have features that depict weakness in the body or the character, a hand analyst could tell you what weaknesses to work on to bring a more desired outcome.

When reading hands, consider all aspects before making assumptions, because some elements balance out or cancel out others. As a rule of thumb so to speak, always look at the thumb. It is a critical factor in good reading.

When meeting new people, it is interesting to learn about their character from their hands before even speaking to them. In relationships, you and your potential lover have a greater chance of success when you discover their relationship behaviour and if it matches yours.

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It is exciting to have this knowledge and to be able to understand people and improve relationships with them! Whether for business, relationships or personal reasons, your knowledge of hand reading benefits you in countless situations.

If you have the qualities of someone motivated and driven to succeed, then you are more likely to have the result of becoming successful.

Recognise the character quickly from the Venus mount (ball of thumb).

The Venus mount symbolises beauty, seduction, romance and love. It also shows the well-being of the individual, indicating how much energy and affection are available; a flexible, well-rounded mount is ideal, showing someone friendly, sympathetic and affectionate. A flat mount would depict the opposite, a lack of energy and warmth.

Another fine example is the length of the fingers. If you want to learn palmistry, you need to be confident in the knowledge of your fingers. Short or long fingers tend to stand out, therefore is a good way to instantly recognise the character. The short fingers reveal impatience for minor details, but with a quick mind.

The long fingers show patience for more information and a much slower thinking person, but mentally very active. If the fingers appear neither long nor short, you have the perfect balance of character in general.

When I first met my partner, I recall I looked at his hands (as would any palm enthusiast like myself). The first thing I noticed, was that he had long fingers. I have fairly short fingers, so straight away I knew that we were going to have a different way of thinking.

Twelve reasons to learn palmistry:

  1. Discover how a mere handshake can tell you just whom you are dealing with in your life!
  2. See how the areas of the hand show what type of “mind” they have.
  3. Learn how the hand as a whole depicts intuitiveness, sensitivity, practicality or thinking types.
  4. The eleven areas of the palm illustrate which part of their life receives the most energy (love, work, dreams, instincts, nature, music).
  5. Find out how easy it is to see negative traits from the setting of the fingers.
  6. The individual length of the fingers depicts the most important character traits that they cannot hide!
  7. Recognise a charmer who just might be a compulsive liar!
  8. Know when you have come across a stubborn and controlling bully.
  9. An instant clue to his style of lovemaking and more.
  10. Is your potential lover going to match your libido?
  11. Poor health warnings at a quick glimpse of the fingernails.
  12. Career options that suit your hand shape.

Destiny Palmistry Character Awareness, by Sari Anitta Puhakka, who has studied hands for over 30 years, currently working on new workshops (group and private) and online lessons.

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