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Life Line Marks on the Palm Explained

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Palms with many lines and life line marks

In palmistry, the life line (located around the ball of the thumb) helps to read potential life changes. The life line marks can help detect what type of change might occur (or has occurred). In this article, I have included several marks that might appear on the life line.

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Most palms will have the lines that are classed as ‘the major’ lines; a heart line, a head line and the life line. The major lines are what people tend to look at first when examining the palms because they are usually the longest and deepest.

Using the lines for prediction

If you are trying to use the lines for prediction, gather information based on past events that have led the person to be where they are now. Past events can help us see where the future direction might go. Remember that these lines and marks can change over time. Therefore, what is evident in your hands now does not imply a fixed quality or event. As our thoughts and desires change, new lines can form, and old ones can fade.

The more marks and lines, the more active the mind or emotions.

Most of the fine lines are present because they show the individual’s nature as being sensitive, caring, nervous or possessing a very active mind. If someone tends to stress a lot, they will have more lines or marks.

Keeping in mind that any person can control their destiny, palmistry can be used to determine some consequences or guidance for our future. Accordingly, if a line shows a particular attribute, it is essential to look for other indications for confirmation, as one feature can offset another.

marks on the life line, dot on life line, island on life line, cross on life line, drooping line on life line, branch line

Life line marks and what they mean.

Almost all horizontal life line marks, such as crossbars, stars, and slashes, are classed as negative interference or obstacles. A hand with many of these lines belongs to someone with much nervous energy. They are sensitive to everything around them. They worry a lot and possibly tend to look for problems to worry about.

A rising line denotes a positive time. It can be something like an achievement of a goal or the completion of a study. Depending on other signs, it can suggest a boost in finances.

A drooping line from the life line is less favourable because it can denote a loss or a less welcoming period. (You can watch the lesson about life line marks here.)

More about the meanings of marks

The fork in a line shows divided energy, therefore, depicts a decision of some kind, often related to changing location. A spot or dot is not so favourable, as it can denote a sudden shock, injury or trauma. The spot appears like a dent or nodule (not like a mole or freckle).

A cross mark denotes an obstacle a little more difficult than the bar line. The grille on a line is also a mark that is not too good because it shows much uncertainty, anxiety, depression or even physical restriction.

An island has a similar meaning to the grille in that it, too, shows uncertainty. However, because the lines continue, it is not as damaging.

What if someone has hardly any lines or marks?

A hand with very few lines and markings belong to those who rarely fuss. They are not significantly affected by emotions. A single broad and unblemished line describes an unobstructed life path. These people don’t allow anything or anyone to change or distract them from their life journey.


So, the markings, no matter what they look like, indicate interruptions to life. These interruptions do not have to be negative. They can and often are positive changes or life events, such as having children or getting married. (See video on marriage lines here.) Starting a new life at any age can interrupt a career, hobbies, friends, family and even the general outlook on life. These changes, in turn, can make their mark in the palm of your hand, especially on the life line.

~ Sari A Puhakka.

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