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The Love Life In the Palms and Lines

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The Love Life in the Palms Through 6 Areas Using Palmistry.

Finding the love life in the palms is easy if you know the indications. You might think that palmistry is all about looking at the lines on the palm. However, there is much more to it than that. The shape of the hand and fingers develops as we mature, reflecting our personality. The lines show what we might have experienced in the past that has got us to where we are. The lines also reveal the character.

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1. Love life in the Palms from the little finger

The first thing you might see from the pinkie is how it sits on the palm. Does it sit level with the other fingers? Or does it seem to be below the level of the other fingers? When the little finger is sitting very low on the edge of the palm, it suggests under-development of the traits that the mount beneath it represents, for instance, confidence, communication or language.

low-set pinkie

The biggest problem with having this low set pinkie is difficulty connecting, verbalising, and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. They may be attracted to only specific looks in their partner, only to discover that the personality does not match their ideal. Remember to consider other factors, such as the length of the thumb and the development of the mounts.

If the low set pinkie is also tiny (looks short and thin), some emotional needs in relationships may be an issue. They might attract the dominant types in relationships. The small pinkie also shows someone who likes a quiet life and prefers to stay close to home if possible. Furthermore, they might have a ‘shy’ sex life. I mean that the person might not communicate well in an intimate way. Be careful though, when the pinkie is set lower, it may appear small but isn’t always.

The long pinkie

What if you have a long little finger? It shows your talent for speech, communication and business. You can express yourself well, whatever it is you do. Intimacy is probably not an issue if you have an extended pinkie. It is because of the ability to communicate effectively, no matter the subject.

2. The love life from the relationship lines

The relationship lines can depict whether you like to change partners often or prefer to be in a long term union. These horizontal lines are on the side of the hand, under the pinkie. A single line shows a person prefers to be in a long relationship. Many fine short lines portray several short-term unions and suggest that the subject might be prone to being promiscuous. Most hands have two straight lines, often one deeper than the other. You can read more about the relationship lines here.

marriage line, where is marriage line on palm

3. Looking at the thumb

Looking at the thumb, we can see if someone is quiet and shy or extroverted with a take control attitude. A small thumb depicts the quiet type, and these types are more likely to follow than take the lead in a relationship. If you have a flexible thumb, your attitude will be more flexible. You will do what it takes to make the union work. Someone with a straight, stiff thumb can be too overpowering if coupled with someone with a small thumb. If the thumb is flexible on one person but not the other, the chances are that the union will not be comfortable.

4. Love Life in the Palms From the Heart Line

The heart line shows much about the love life in the palms. If you and your potential partner or lover have a similar heart line, it shows a similar love style. If the lines are different, it helps to learn about the differences to make the union work well together. For instance, a straight heart line shows less sentiment compared with a curved one. If both parties understand that they are different in their expression of love, the relationship can still work. See some more heart line types here, or read on.


A short straight heart line, ending under or before the middle finger, shows a relatively self-centred approach to love, a lack of emotion and empathy towards others, or they may tend to suppress their feelings by keeping their emotions under control. With their fondness for freedom, they do not appreciate clinginess and might not know what love is. A straight line shows an emotionally controlled person. It is a mark of someone who is more cautious and may hide their feelings. If it is very straight, they may seek perfection in a relationship. However, the lack of curve in the line indicates the lack of warmth, and they wish to be loved.

short heart line, love life in the palms


A gently curving line ending under the space between the middle and index finger shows warmth and balance; the person can relate to others and tend to their needs. They are sexual but fussy or idealistic about whom they choose as their partner, especially if the line reaches the Mount of Jupiter. A healthy heart line that is broad and relatively free of flaws reveals a well-adjusted person in their emotions, and they would have profound and intense passions. They are passionate about everything they do. They are emotionally open-minded and caring. If this line happens to be the most prominent, the person is likely to be ruled by their heart.


A long heart line that reaches well into the mount of Jupiter illustrates someone who would display powerful feelings. If it reaches under the Jupiter finger (index finger), they tend to show authority in their relationships. A very long heart line belongs to those who enjoy caring for others as a career choice. Still, in personal relationships, they may show lots of jealousy or act selfishly emotionally, especially if it is present on both hands. If this line crosses the palm entirely, they are very compassionate and caring, but also some obsessive qualities, possibly co-dependency or even promiscuity. They are demanding regarding love and expect a lot from their partner.

5. The Life line can also show the character.

The life line types on the palm vary. Most lines, however, arc around the thumb ball and end at the wrist. The length and quality of this line tell certain character traits and constitution. It is a line which in palmistry is the most interesting one on the palm. People like to think that the line refers to ones’ actual life. In a way, it does. The line should ideally be long, deeply etched and unmarked. However, it is unlikely that many people in this modern day and age have a line like that. Similar life lines on a couple will depict similar energies.

  • A long and deeply etched line that reaches the wrist (if unmarked) show vitality, routine, stability and motivation.
  • A short line, if also weak or thin in its appearance reveals a lack of stability or energy levels. Often it is a mark of unstable early family life or a change in the middle of life.
  • A life line that appears faint depicts a delicate or sensitive constitution, common on those who are not physically active. This type of line is not easily compatible with someone who has a deep and long life line.
  • A line that curves outward towards the Mount of Moon describes someone who loves to travel or is very outgoing.
  • A line that runs closer to the thumb is someone who lacks interest in physical activities and may be cold or selfish. They prefer to stay close to home than to travel.
  • When a life line appears to have a break in it, look for sister lines on one or both sides of the line, these lines give support to an otherwise uncertain period.
  • A line on the inside of the life line would show family support and on the outside from a non-related source. If the break happens to overlap another part of the life line, it often indicates a planned change. Watch the video part 1. here

6. Palm Shape

A narrow palm belongs to a more introverted, timid character. A broad or square palm shows more extroversion and self-confidence. Someone with an extended and narrow hand can find the broad handed person too energetic. Therefore, similar handshapes depict similar energies.

Getting along with someone with an opposite personality

Being aware that you might have an issue ‘naturally’ and not your fault can help you resolve personality clashes. For example, if there are communication problems, you can enhance the pinkie qualities by wearing a ring on the pinkie. The ring can remind you to communicate more, be more honest, and not be afraid of showing your sexuality.

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