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Split line of life or marks on the life line

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A split line of life

The life line in palmistry is the crease which circles around the ball of the thumb. To decide how a person operates in their life; we see the state of the line. Ideally, it is distinct without changes or markings. In the present day, however, that is not likely to be the case due to busy and stressful lives. You might have a split line of life or have a fork that looks like a split.

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When reading the hand, examining where the life line splits is essential in obtaining confirmation of timing of events. For example, if the split is around halfway on the line, it might suggest a change around mid-life, or around the age of forty.

When the line splits, it is showing that the normal course of life changes. If you imagine the lines as a road, and you are on a bus of life in the one direction, what happens if the road stops and starts somewhere else? Usually, if you are to continue your journey, you will need to change buses. You might still be on a bus, but it’s now headed in a new route.

How to see what the change might be?

Whenever there is a mark on the life line, we need to look for matching marks on the other lines. For instance, if there is also a split in the fate line, the change might be related to the career or the house (like a move). A split or dropping branch line on the heart line can suggest the change relates to the love life. If you don’t see any other splits or marks, then look at the condition of the skin, nails and the health lines.

If the split line of life has an overlap, it suggests that the changes are planned. No overlap can depict a sudden and unexpected change. A clean break in the line of life is generally a more worrisome sign because it leaves a ‘blank’ spot in that anything can happen and the time is uncertain.

Example of a split line meaning

One example of a split line of life comes from a young girl who was born in Norway. When she was just ten years old, her mother suddenly decided to move the family to another country. This girl came to me for a reading when she was thirty years of age. She had a distinct break and change in her beginning section of the life line. The split was not overlapping; instead, it just looked like the line shifted over a little. It was the mark showing the significant move they made years before.

Marks on the line of life

Almost all horizontal marks on the line of life, such as crossbars, stars, and slashes, is classed as a negative interference or obstacles of some kind. A hand that has many of these lines belong to someone who has much nervous energy. They are sensitive to everything around them, they worry a lot and possibly tend to look for problems. You must be careful when analysing these marks, sometimes they are formed by lines crossing each other. In that case, it will not be a ‘mark’ on the line. (Get Book 2 ‘All the Lines’ here.)

A hand with very few lines and markings belong to those who rarely fuss. They are not significantly affected by emotions. A broad and unblemished line describes an unobstructed life path for someone who rarely diverts from or allows anything or anyone to change them or to distract their journey.

Are all marks on the line negative?

A star or a dot (dark indentation) is the most serious because they can denote a shock or a sudden event. The marks on the line, no matter what they look like, indicate interruptions to life and significant events. However, these interruptions do not have to be negative. They can and often are positive changes or life events, such as having children or getting married. Starting a new kind of life at any age can interrupt career, hobbies, friends, family and even the general outlook on life. These changes, in turn, can make its mark in the palm of your hand, especially on the life line.

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