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Bent Middle Finger Meaning in Palmistry

bent middle finger

Bent Middle Finger

Do you have a bent middle finger? Ideally, the middle finger (also named the Saturn finger) is straight. The middle finger from a palmistry perspective represents discipline and responsibility. It also stands for boundaries; the balancing force of the psyche aiding rational thought. It shows how much a person leans towards obligation and self-control. Saturn is also about melancholy, reclusiveness and isolation. As well as that, it symbolises the elderly, grandparents and wise men.

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When the middle finger is bent, the boundaries and beliefs may lean towards something out of the ordinary. It can manifest in things such as not having strict rules or routine in their life. The person’s decision-making is not their best trait. These qualities depend on which direction the finger leans. If only the very tip of the finger is crooked, it will have a more notable meaning. It can be that there has been a change in mindset through past circumstances. There may have been mental confusion that affected decision making, thoughts, and intuitive faculties (the way things are perceived). (Check the head line for marks).

Which direction does the middle finger bend?

The bend in the finger is not always easy to spot, especially if it is only slightly bent. The best way to see if it is straight or curved is to look at the back of the palm. Have the hand facing upright with the fingers toward the sky. You will see if the finger is straight towards the sky, or if it leans or bends towards one of the other fingers.

The direction of the bend changes the meaning because, in palmistry, there is an active side and non-active side of the hand. The active side is the thumb side, it is about what you show to the public and the more extroverted side. The pinkie side is inactive, the introverted and more private stuff, therefore, it makes a difference depending on which way the bend or lean is.

Bending towards the ring finger

If the bent middle finger bends towards the ring finger (Apollo), the serious qualities of (Saturn) favour towards the creative aspects of Apollo. These people need time to be alone. It can also suggest a history of uncertainty, depression or pressure from family duties that have clashed with their search for self-expression or achievement. Saturn in a way has dominated the creative urges.

Bend towards the index finger.

The middle finger rarely bends towards the index finger. However, if it has a lean in that direction, away from the ring finger, it shows an extroverted and very independent character. These people are free thinkers; not concerned a great deal about the future. Being responsible with finances can be a challenge, especially if there is a gap at the base between the ring and middle finger.

wide gaps between the fingers meaning in palmistry

If the index finger also leans away from the middle, ambition, self-esteem, confidence, and ego are active, especially if coupled with a large or long thumb. These types of people are independent and not bound by the views of others. They strive to succeed in life. They are regularly talkative and energetic, especially if combined with an extended Mercury finger.

If all fingers bend towards the middle finger

When all the fingers bend inwards towards the middle finger, there might be a great need for security in life or a lack of it. The inward curving fingers can also add shrewdness to the character. The person might have a distortion of reality in their life, which may manifest as corruption or unlawfulness, especially if the middle finger is short.

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I once read the hands of a man who had a severely bent middle finger, it was also scarred from an obvious injury. I asked him what happened to his finger and he told me the story of what happened in an accident. Even though the bend did not occur through gradual development, I still take it into account in reading the palm.

I asked him if he had an unpleasant or difficult time during or after that incident? (remembering that Saturn is about responsibility, the law, and solitude). He admitted he did, in fact, he had spent several years in jail for unintentionally killing a person in a car accident. (He was under the influence of alcohol). I wasn’t surprised, and it is a good example. Of course, that kind of incident is not going to be the same for everyone. Instead, there might be something in the past that relates to responsibility.

We can assume the same for any other broken or damaged fingers. Think about what the finger stands for and use that connotation to for your conclusion. A Mercury break, for instance, could be a sign of difficulties in family relations, dishonesty, commerce or learning obstacles. Problems with the ring finger can be about personal relationships, social matters or even creativity. The index finger is about the ‘self’, so maybe about confidence issues.

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