Palmistry ebooks for Beginners

Palmistry ebooks for Beginners and Advanced Learners.

Palmistry ebooks for beginners of hand analysis covers various areas of the hand to teach the basics of hand reading. If you do not wish to purchase the complete book, here is your opportunity to get information that is specific to a single subject. Destiny Palmistry is dedicated to providing a variety of books and we are continually adding to this page.

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The Fingers e-book

Discover how easy it is to recognize the character from the fingers. A mere glimpse of the hand is all that is needed to get a basic understanding of the personality. $4.50

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The New Areas of the Hand e-book.

Learn what secrets the various areas of the hand reveal. Discover your strengths and weaknesses that can help you get a deeper understanding of how you can succeed. Please provide a valid e-mail for me to send your book. 🙂

The areas of the hand ($7.00) now only $4.50


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Marriage lines mini e-book

Have you ever wondered about what the relationship lines might reveal about potential life partners? See this e-book now for only $4.50

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The new revised and updated reading ‘The Thumb’ mini e-book: $4.50

Just a glance at the thumb, and you will be recognising personality instantly. Imagine how helpful this information can be in countless situations.

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Claim Your Power and Succeed in Everything you do with little effort.

Do you need help with motivation? What about procrastination? This guide is the complete book to help you get your mind in the right place so that your goals will be attainable. Learn how you can earn extra money from home, lose weight, quit habits, meditations, and healing.

Complete e-book: $9.95claim your power psychic

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