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Faithful Personality Signs in Hand Analysis

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What are the palmistry signs of loyalty and a faithful personality?

It’s fair to say that anyone can have a faithful personality, but naturally, someone more likely than others will have the right core personality. You might wonder if there is such a thing as loyalty to one person’s sign on the palm.

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In palmistry (hand analysis), we don’t just look at the lines for potential future outcomes; we look to the character to learn about our inherent capability.

A realistic and practical person is the most believable character in someone faithful in relationships. These qualities in hand analysis are mainly found in someone with a square palm or overall square-looking hand.

These typical signs of loyalty or faithfulness in palmistry depict a dedicated and organised worker, so while they may be loyal and devoted, they may not always be so romantic.

  • The fingers will be straight and relatively stiff with some square or spatulate, not clubbed fingertips.
  • They should be set close at the base, with little or no gaps between them, especially the Ring and middle fingers, showing they appreciate the security and like to hold on to things.
  • With a faithful or loyal personality, the thumb should be long, with a square tip and nail. A short thumb will show a more quiet nature.
  • The fingernails, in general, will be broad and of average length.
  • The fingerprint pattern on the middle finger may well be a whorl, a sign of responsibility.
  • A faithful personality has a skin texture of average to coarse, not overly soft or coarse.
  • The ball of the thumb will be springy and well-rounded but not overdeveloped.
  • The lines will be few but clear and of average depth.
  • The heart line will have very few branches and end on or under the mount of Jupiter.


Shouldn’t we all know that Venus represents the God of Love? The Venus mount, on the hand, has a lot to do with our character regarding love and passion. The Venus mount is the ball of the thumb, and depending on its development, it has a variety of meanings. However, a high mount of Venus in a woman’s hand does not tend to the extravagance as a Mount of the same strength would in a man’s hand.

On a man, the large ball of thumb tends to show a high libido, depending on other characteristics. The good Venusian type is healthy and happy and often enjoys music and the outdoors. If the mount is full and smooth, as usually found on a woman, there is a strong love of flowers, dancing, paintings, colour and so on, not necessarily for sexual passion.

However, the opposite applies to coarse skin texture and a stiff thumb. In a dangerous type, the hand is thick, especially the base of the hand and the short base of the fingers. When the mount is red and hard, it shows that the person is heated in his passions, and he indulges in his desires to a far greater extent than in the case of a woman with the same degree of development.

The base phalange of the ring finger looks bulgy if there is a high libido. Sometimes the pinkie base phalange is bulgy too.


Knowing about a person’s character helps to form and keep better relationships. One of the biggest problems with lovers is that their loving style does not match, and it causes rifts in the union.

Couples start okay, and then all of a sudden, someone is looking for love elsewhere. So it is back to square one; how frustrating. However, if you were to understand the essential characteristics of the person before things get overly serious, would you want to know?

What can you learn from palmistry?

Many areas of the hands and fingers reveal the kind of lover you are.

The lines, the shape of your fingers, the shape of the palm, and even the skin texture say a lot about you.

People inherit many physical features and character traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it.

The basic shape of the hand is especially an important part of reading the palms because it helps us to determine the person’s first and most fundamental character and what’s relatively important for most people in relationships. Their sex life, of course.

The fingers are a tremendous part of palmistry because they can show how we express ourselves and how we have developed in the past.

We all have distinctive looks; the same goes for our psychological makeup, which is why reading hands can become very involved and complicated. It is this individual disposition that reflects in our hands from birth.

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  • Romantic – Several markings tell a romantic.
  • Sensitive – One very particular sign shows how sensitive the person is.
  • Cold nature – You will not believe how easy this one is to pick.
  • Passionate – Many features of the hand show passion in life.
  • High libido – Same again, too easy but complicated at the same time
  • Low libido – Apparently, the contrary indicator from the above.
  • Ambitious – Would you believe ambition counts in love?
  • Flirty – There is more than one sign for this one.

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