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Hosting a Palmistry Party with Your Friends.

hosting a palmistry party

Palm Reading For Fun and Hosting a Palmistry Party

Have you wanted to entertain your guests or friends by reading their palms? You can show off your skills of knowledge about their personalities visible from their hands. Palm reading is a fun and easy way to learn more about the people you know! Hosting a palmistry party with your friends or colleagues is a great way to entertain and get quick, accurate readings.

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Palmistry is an ancient art that uses areas of the hand – including lines, mounts, and shapes – to depict someone’s character. You can learn how to read palms quickly and easily with some practice. Invite your friends for fun, laughter, and palm readings! With just a few easy steps, you can become an entertainer and use your newfound knowledge to give your guests an insight into their lives.

Your hands can reveal a lot about your personality just through the shape of your fingers, the length of your life line, the condition of your head line, and the shape of your heart line can all give clues to who you are as a person. Through simple and quick analysis, you can determine how ambitious or shy you are and even how successful you may be. Follow these five steps to do your palm reading for your friends.

Step One in Hosting a Palmistry Party

Ask your friends to hold up their hands with the palms facing you. Pick out similar shapes and separate the friends into two groups. You can decide on similar-shaped hands by finger length at first. One group has long fingers, and the other has short fingers. People with long fingers should easily stand out.

The Finger Length

Short fingers give a quick mind, but they are impatient. These people can be energetic and hard-working. Long fingers belong to someone who loves details and is much slower thinking but careful and patient. The average length is a balanced personality of both types. You can read more about finger length here.

Step Two – The hand shape

From the two separate groups, divide everyone into two more groups based on whether their hand is thick or narrow. You should now have four groups of people, depending on how many have different hands. People in the same groups will likely have similar personalities and many things in common.

A thick/oblong palm has some fire energy. A thick palm at the base only belongs to a physically active instinctual person. These types are enthusiastic and energetic, often seen in sportspeople and entrepreneurs. A narrow/extended palm gives sensitivity and more introverted nature. These types are creative and caring. If the hand shape looks square (neither thick nor narrow), it is down-to-earth and practical. These types like to work and often own their business.

Step Three – The Life Line

Now you can have everyone in their group compare the life line for its length and thickness. The life line is the one that curves around the ball of the thumb. A long deep life line that reaches to the wrist shows someone who knows what they want and is usually determined, grounded and has strong family roots. A short life line doesn’t reach the wrist and shows more restlessness and less energy. They are a person who might like to travel or not stay put for long. You can learn more about the life line here.

Step Four in Hosting a Palmistry Party – The Heart line

The second line to compare is the uppermost horizontal line, the heart line. If people are compatible, it’s important to have similar heart lines. A curved, long heart line belongs to passionate people who know what they want. They may be very giving but also demanding in love matters. A short straight heart line is less sentimental and more selfish. They prefer freedom in relationships. A gently curving heart line that reaches beneath the index finger is the caring, romantic type of idealist who is either ambitious or like ambitious people (or both).

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Step Four, the Head line

The head line that’s long, curved and deep gives more empathy but also deep thoughts. A long and straight line is often on those who like to research and study but tend to overthink. A short head line belongs to someone who thinks quickly but does not appreciate too many details. You can learn more about the meanings of 5 different head line types here.

hosting a palmistry party, head line types

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