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Simian Lines On One or Both Palms?

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The Unusual Simian Lines on the Palm

On a small proportion of hands, the heart line, and head line appear to be joined into a single line, forming one long line across the palm, known as Simian lines, or crease. The association of this line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. However, it is mostly a regular feature. In some recent studies, it is believed to show forms of neuroticism, hyperactivity and introversion.

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I see these lines on the palm as ‘energy’. The head line relates to our mentality, how we think, and how practical we are. The heart line depicts our emotional side and how sentimental we are. So you can imagine if the two types of energy, mental and emotional, are in the same line, there’s going to be some inner tension.

While these attributes may relate to some of the people involved in the survey, they have also found that this line on someone with no physical defects or other behavioural problems, signifies a somewhat different, quite a forceful by nature; not necessarily a negative attribute as it would seem. Many with this line tend towards being determined yet sensitive.

The owner of Simian lines can possess great potential for strong will and focus, many of whom are ambitious. But, the focus won’t last if they are not following their passion. It helps if they have found their niche and had opportunities in their life regarding education and family support. If only on the one hand, there might be a creative nature.

The Simian lines on both palms

The Simian line on both hands can suggest the subject has more of an intense and passionate nature. However, to hypothesise about this crease, look at other features of the hand, such as hand shape, finger length, thumbs, and lines; including fingerprint and palm patterns.

Typically, the owners of a Simian line are stubborn, unpredictable and easily misunderstood by others. They do however tend to possess an abundance of energy, some finding it difficult to relax. While these people are intense, at the same time they can be very empathic and quite sensitive in their way. Usually very open-minded, yet cynical; nonetheless mostly what you see is what you get.

The Double Simian type character tends to follow their heart and in doing so, they tend to choose a career that gratifies that emotion. Mostly, they are either fully into what they do, or fully not into it.  It is nearly always ideal for them to be engaged in their passion. In doing so, it is taking full advantage of the single-minded and determined nature.

If your child has Simian lines

If you have a child with Simian lines, you might have already noticed some different character traits. He or she might seem more dynamic and energetic than others. They might also vacillate between being pleasantly charming and helpful to completely ignoring you.

Your child might display some fixated behaviour, which can be directed in positive ways by encouraging their interests. An example of this might be the boy who loves sport, but if he doesn’t get the opportunity to play, he might find something else less desirable to preoccupy his mind.

Some might have already been diagnosed with Asperger’s or ADHD. If that’s the case, your child might show some qualities like being disobedient regarding rules. Your child might display a limited attention span, low self-esteem, or have difficulty at school.

Treatment for hyperactivity can include talk therapy, healthy diet, quality sleep and strict routines. It has been noted that exercise is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity.

Quotes by Simian line people:

I am good at something related to art, such as drawing, making handicrafts, etc. I am a good listener and very emotionally sensitive. People usually find me comfortable to be with. I am bad at something related to “remember exact things” like histories, fix recipes, etc. because I like improving and being flexible. Once I feel uncomfortable with people, they tend to hurt me, it’s hard to maintain a good relationship as before.

I am energetic man – always thinking the future – manage time when work – I’m a hard worker – I believe the law attraction happens in my mind – what I’m thinking it always happen in real life.

People say Iam influential in accessing a problem and going in-depth for a solution. I find it very hard to talk with new people. My friends and people I know say that I have an attitude which may be due to the success in my academics and work. But I know that it is not, I talk to people who I feel worth, or else I stay away.

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