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Messy Palm Lines That Reveal Struggles

Here we have the left and right hands of the same person. The lines we look at as the messy palm lines are the horizontal lines across the palm. He has several that seemingly come out of nowhere, like slashes. What’s very evident is an almost missing head line. Usually, the head line comes across at least halfway on the palm. In the image below, he doesn’t seem to have much of a head line at all. He has a faint line marked in blue.

A Weak Head Line

That blue horizontal line is his so-called head line, same as on the other side, just a fragile piece of a line that represents the head line, and all around it are fine lines going through and around, all around the very short piece of the head line. You might struggle reading such lines because they’re everywhere.

Let me try to explain to you what it all means. There can be several reasons and several meanings for these messy palm lines. In this case, they are all worry or fear lines. The person might be constantly fearful about their future. They may also represent obstacles. However, because there are so many in kind of clumps, it tells me that it is a person who worries a lot.

messy palm lines

This weak headline tells me that all the thoughts and emotions in the mind happen through emotions. If you look at the heart line, see how strong it is. It’s an intense line that you can see well compared to the tiny head line. So the person is using their emotions to make life decisions and things like that.

Marked Life Line

Looking at the start of the life line, you can see that it is thick and deeply etched (also looks hatched). It shows a difficult early life. Based on the timing, if we draw an imaginary vertical line between the index and middle fingers, that area points to around the age of twenty-one (on both hands). It depicts approximately how long the stressful period lasts. (up to age 35).

timing life line, destiny palmistry, messy palm lines

Timing on the life line

If you do the timing on the life line, around halfway along is the age of 40-45. You can see at that point that the life line starts to smooth out, and those messy lines are slowly disappearing. The line becoming less messy indicates that things will start smoothing out for this person in the next few years. The life line appears more robust after that messy section of the line.

Reading palms for prediction of the future.

So, in all that, the main thing people ask about in a palm reading is their future. They want to know about their lives, studies, careers, etc. So, if we try to answer those types of questions, we first look at the head line to see how the person thinks. In this instance, we’ve discovered that this person thanks emotionally (passionate) because of that almost missing head line. These people may need a mentor, a family member or someone who can help support them in their decisions from a practical point of view.

Fate line

Next, we look to the fate line to see what kind of decisions or goals they have already made in the past. Based on the fate line in this image, it shows that there have not been appropriately set goals or focus on one specific thing. The lines form deeper the more you think about the same thing. So if you’re always thinking along the same lines, the lines get thicker. This person always thinks emotionally, so the heart line has become thick. However, the other lines haven’t. Maybe he hasn’t had the motivation or the means to make properly focused goals and stick to the same thinking.

Copyright Destiny palmistry, photo copyright Sari A Puhakka, messy palm lines

In the above image, you can see that the fate line is curved. The line pauses, and then it continues. This curve means that there has been a gradual change in his life. The pause indicates an uncertain period. In the line at 22, the curve shows that he is gradually finding his path. 33-35 The fate line continues towards the middle finger. It shows the struggles of the past. The messy lines across the top are like a girdle of Venus.

You can view the video version of this messy palm lines article below:

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