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Inner Heart Line of Hidden Feelings in the Palm Lines

Learn the meaning of these lines

This article is about some rare lines that sometimes appear on the palm. The line (lines) I’m referring to is an inner heart line across the mounts under the fingers. It is fainter than the heart line itself, also known as the Girdle of Venus, because of its sensitivity and intensity.

inner heart line

We associate this line with the hidden, inner life rather than the shallow feelings of everyday expression. The inner heart line outlines the conscious mind area and represents a gathering zone of Karmic influences. This flow of unconscious impulses reacting to the soul gives rise to the deeper, inner feelings. Feelings that typically remain unexpressed.

Inner and outer feelings

The heart line operating alone may be the source of the raw, outer feelings. However, these lines are closely connected and interwoven, and their differences are subtle. Inner feelings are the product of the whole human being. An individual in nature is a force that, in the symbolism of palmistry, is thought to flow through the palm from the wrist.

Inwardly, inner feelings gather around certain human traits or beliefs, making an emotional barrier. As an outward sign of this, the Girdle of Venus surrounds the mounts of Saturn and Sun. It may include the Mount of Mercury, and if it does, it blocks this conceptual communicative area of the psyche, the sign possibly of an introvert.

inner heart line, girdle of venus, scratchy palm lines

A scratchy set of lines

In the words of Ray Douglas: the Girdle of Venus is said to catch and sift this modified flow and display these subtle inner feelings. In this inner heart line, if only sketchily as a faint scratchy soundtrack of the ancient voice of purification.

Primarily, it denotes immense sensitivity and often seems to prevent others from partaking in this deep area of the human psyche. Someone with this inner heart line can seldom talk freely about their deepest feelings or philosophy of life.

When the lines cover a wide area

When the inner heart line covers the whole upper area of the palm, it can denote some identity conflicts. They may ask themselves, “who am I?”. Or they seem to be the odd one out in their social life. Whilst they may go to extreme lengths to achieve what they have set out to achieve, they may, without warning, unpredictably change their course.

Life and relationships are often chaotic due to their sudden feeling of enthusiasm and a loss of interest. They might fall in love with an unsuitable partner and feel let down when their passion does not reciprocate. Sometimes this inner heart line takes over the emotional functions completely, replacing the ordinary course of the heart line. If so, the compulsive drive of the inner feelings has come to awareness and taken over the person’s life.

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