Saturn Mount of Wisdom & Solitude in Palmistry

Saturn mount palmistry

In palmistry, the Saturn mount is the name given to the padded area under the middle finger. The middle finger and mount represent your boundaries, it is the balancing force of the psyche aiding rational thought. This area is associated with limitations, the elderly, grandparents and wise men. In astrology, it is seen as the ruler of fate. It is normal for this mount to be flat or only slightly padded, depicting self-control, common sense and also a love of philosophy. Positively, it shows a strong character, wisdom and maturity.

A large mount exaggerates the qualities of Saturn. A large Saturn mount can reveal pessimism, but also someone with many responsibilities. Strong aspects of Saturn include the size of the finger, which is often quite long. It shows that the individual feels the obligations of life. The negative side is that they may have feelings of melancholy.

Consider the Saturn Mount together with the rest of the hand

With the qualities of Saturn highlighted, the large mount on its own would suggest some seriousness, gloominess, pessimism or solitude. If with other indicators such as curved fingers, a large Mount of Pluto and a low dipping head line, a protruding Saturn mount such as this, may indicate someone who suffers from depression. However, you must consider the look of the whole hand. If all neighbouring mounts are well developed, it shows great energy for life and a positive attitude!

Saturn mount palmistry

Saturnian qualities

  • A true Saturnian has remarkable independence and does not like being under the restraint of others.
  • Their ideas about love are somewhat different, and they often need their own space.
  • Positive aspects show an organised and dependable person.  
  • Healthwise, these people might suffer from digestive issues, poor circulation and also possibly get injuries to the feet, ankles or limbs.
  • A complete absence of the Saturn mount shows a frivolous way of looking at life. Be careful though; a displaced Saturn mount can be towards Jupiter or Apollo mounts.
  • Summary: Wisdom, practicality, solitude, maturity, discipline, hardiness, the law, work ethics, also seriousness and fears.

Marks on the Saturn mount:

Cross – tragedy or challenging situation.
Grid – Brooding or unhappiness. Confinement.
Star – Success after hard work. Problems with legal matters. Physical restriction.
Square – Protection of property.
Triangle – Aptitude for serious studies.
Vertical lines – Hard work, good health.

If with a well developed mount of Apollo

Under the ring finger is the mount of Apollo or Sun. When this mount is large, it indicates a social and jolly nature. These people love recognition. Positive aspects of Apollo show a versatile, generous, happy and adaptable person. They love the beauty around them and in all things, such as surrounding themselves with art. These types of people enjoy luxuries and, in the real world, they have good taste or a sense of style. The development of this mount can balance the negative aspects of the other mounts. If the Apollo mount is between the two fingers (middle and ring), the creative side of the personality is a significant part of life.

If with a large Jupiter mount

The Jupiter mount is the padded area under the index finger. It shows how much self-confidence, pride, or ego we have. It additionally represents religion, strengths, and weaknesses. If the Jupiter mount is large, it’s also about rules, luck, growth and wisdom. The Jupiterian types are the most independent of all in their career and home life. If the Jupiter mount shares the space partially beneath the Saturn finger, there is hands-on ability to achieve goals.

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