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Passion Line and Camera’s Eye Meaning in Palmistry

passion line, camera's eye, camera eye line, artist hand in palmistry

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The passion line on the palm

The passion line is a slanted line running from around the middle of the heart line to the base of the little finger. It can also end between the ring and little finger, especially if there is a girdle of Venus.

The passion line is said to show someone who has an elevated erotic imagination. They tend to fantasise about or enjoy visual erotica. On its own, it doesn’t mean that they have an exciting love life. However, people with this line need to be physically attracted to their partner.

The more I see this line, the more I realise it belongs to the creative types. It tells of a character who passionately goes about their business. They put their heart and soul into their work or hobby. From the qualities of Mercury, these individuals can, not only use their business skills to achieve their aims but also their charm or magnetism.

If the girdle of Venus is together with the passion line, it gives more sensitivity to the character. There is an added capacity to the imagination. Someone who is an artist, a visionary or simply devoted to a spiritual path. They may live an unusual lifestyle and need a strong and down to earth partner in life.

Passion line and camera’s eye line

The line called a Camera’s Eye is an indicator of an artistic person with an eye for exactness. It could almost be like an extra line of Mercury or Apollo because it sits in the area between Apollo and Mercury mounts.

passion line, camera's eye, camera eye line, artist hand in palmistry

A camera’s eye is an excellent marking to have if your career involves having a sharp eye for detail. The benefits of this line can be in the fields of photography, art and in anything that requires spotting visual features or aspects of images that may be out of sync or incorrect; careers such as a photographer, an air traffic controller or video surveillance officer.

If you are looking for an inspirational and visionary artist, look for the passion line with the camera’s eye line, Apollo lines as well as a girdle of Venus.

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