Rare Palm Lines That You Might Have

rare palm lines

Rare palm lines that have a significant meaning, such as the camera’s eye line or dedication line are often overlooked in a palm reading. Some of the unique marks are not a line, but a pattern on your skin ridges, which means it’s a part of who you are. Get excited and see how many you have!

The skin ridge patterns and fingerprints don’t change. But, keep in mind that our palm lines can change as our lives do. Therefore what you see in your palms now, might not be the same in a year or two.

The main lines rarely change drastically, but they can form variations, breaks and marks over time. It is from these marks that we can sometimes predict health or other changes from the hands.

What’s exciting about palmistry is that we can discover things about ourselves that we didn’t even know. It might be something as simple as finding a loop of music and suddenly realising you have talent!

Dedication Line

The dedication line is one of the rare palm lines that is a fate line which starts from the Mount of Mars. Sometimes it stops at the heart line which depicts a potential change in career into something more aligned with their desires. Because the line originates from the area of the outer (upper) Mars, it has Mars energy. It shows someone dedicated to their work or can cope well under pressure, especially if the mount is firm. It shows determination to help others and do well in the career, especially after the age of forty.

dedication line, where is the dedication line, fate line from Mars mount

The Camera’s Eye Line

The line called a Camera’s Eye is an indicator of an artistic person with an eye for exactness. It could almost be regarded as an extra Apollo or Mercury line because it sits in the area between Apollo and Mercury mounts, over the heart line. A camera’s eye is an excellent marking to have if your career involves having a sharp eye for detail.

The benefits of this line are not limited to the fields of photography and art but in anything that requires spotting visual features or aspects of images that may be out of sync or incorrect, such as a photographer, an air traffic controller or video surveillance officer.

camera's eye line on the palm

The Courage Line and Loop of Courage

The courage line is an influence line that has a similar meaning to the dedication line. It originates from the upper Mars and ends somewhere low on the Apollo mount. The career will be likely to be creative. Some palmists also call the Mars line (inside the life line) the line of courage, which does make sense considering it originates from the inner Mars area. Also, look for the loop of courage inside the thumb which depicts a brave spirited personality.

line of courage, the courage line

The rare Loop of Courage

The loop of courage is often inherited from one or both parents. It is very rare to see one on both palms. These people are brave spirited and have a tough exterior. They are robust and not afraid of challenges, in fact, they thrive on them!

loop of courage, meaning of a loop of courage, where is loop of courage

The Mars line or Warrior Line

The Mars line is also known as the courage or Warrior line. A well-formed line is a mark of physical energy and courage. It can also be a line of protection against illness or accidents, especially if the line of life has a break in it. It is one of those rare palm lines that shows someone with inner spiritual awareness. They might even have a guardian angel or spirit guide.

Many times, I see this line on women who have a supportive partner or family member in their life. In some cases, where the line ends, depicts the time when the support ends. It is always important to check other parts of the palm for confirmation. Even if the Mars line is short, it indicates good health and powers of recuperation after illness. Some traditional palm readers say that the line shows talent. The best description must be that it shows someone with a fighting spirit.

warrior line, mars line meaning

Loop of Music and the Rare Music Bee

The loop of music suggests one who is musically talented, or at least strongly affected by music. Be careful not to confuse it with the loop of the environment which is just slightly higher on the mount. The loop of rhythm is more likely to be found on a talented drummer, dancer or just one with a sincere appreciation of a good tune.

loop of rhythm, loop of environment, loop of music

The very rare music bee is a group of ridges which go in the opposite direction of its surrounding ridge pattern on the mount of Venus. The lines form a shape like the striped body of a bee. It denotes a keen natural talent for music, especially of stringed instruments. Many people have the ability in music even if they do not have this marking, so don’t be disappointed if you do not have one. (Check out all the other palm patterns here.)

music bee on the palm, meaning of a music bee, rare palm lines

The Passion Line (Inspiration Line)

The passion line is a slanted line running from the middle of the heart line to the base of the little finger. It can also end between the ring and little finger. It tells of a character who passionately goes about their business. They put their heart and soul into their work, business or hobby. These individuals can not only use their business skills to achieve their aims but also their charm or magnetism. You can read about the Girdle of Venus here.

passion line, camera's eye, camera eye line, artist hand in palmistry

The Rare Intuition Line

The Intuition line is one of the rare palm lines. This mark lies at the side of the hand near the percussion. It rises on Mount of Moon, (lower percussion area) and in a curve, ends on or near the Mount of Mercury (mount beneath the little finger). The distinguishing feature of this line lies in its decided curve. It is a rather uncommon line. I have personally only seen a few in its entirety.

intuition line, rare palm lines

The existence of the intuition line, if well and marked, adds significantly to the intuitive faculties. It tends to enhance the Mercurian acuteness. If coupled with long fingers, pointed tips, full Mount of Moon and the head line sloping, the subject will be powerfully psychic with visions. They will be firm advocates in signs and omens. It is also one of the signs of intelligence. A deeply etched line will give the most considerable amount of intuition. A broken or otherwise defective line (such as islands or crosses on the line) limits its value.

Marks or branches on the Intuition line

  • Rising lines from the intuition line to any of the mounts can give clues to the benefits or downfall effects of it.
  • A clear line to Mount Jupiter shows potential success from the aggressive use of their powers.
  • A line to the Mount of Apollo tells of their abilities being famous or well known to others.
  • If the line cuts through the path of Saturn (fate/career), it can mean that the use of the intuitive faculties might negatively influence the job. However, if it merges into the line of Saturn, it helps the career.
  • If it is partially mixed up with the line of Mercury, the health or nervous system may be affected by its powers if not used wisely.
  • A rising line to the life line shows the ability to use their intuition to benefit and enhance life.

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