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Cross Mark on the Palm Including the Mystic Cross Explained

cross on the palm

A cross mark on the palm of your hand can have a significant meaning in palmistry. However, if your palm has many lines, it might be challenging to decipher if you have a cross or merely the crossing of other lines. The difference is that the cross comprises independent lines, not the coincidental clashing of some of the main lines. I explain all the crosses, including the Mystic Cross, in this article.

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Too many crosses on the palm?

A hand with coarse skin and only a few lines is unlikely to have a cross mark on the mounts (the palm’s padded areas). But if someone has a palm with many crosses, it denotes an emotional worrier. These highly strung people have a complex nature and are prone to psychosomatic disorders.

Cross mark on the main palm lines

On the lines, the crosses show barriers, adverse circumstances or sudden events and are usually an unfavourable mark to find. If found on the fate line, it can relate to finances, a career or risk regarding the loss of material things.

cross marks on the lines

Cross mark on the Apollo (success) line

On the Apollo line, the cross depicts a risk to the reputation. Maybe the subject has neglected to stay honest in their field of work and got caught out! Or it might be possible that they got bad publicity for their operations. A cross bar is a single line crossing a main line, and the meaning is an obstacle, not as severe as the complete cross.

Cross on the heart line

The cross on the heart line suggests an obstacle regarding emotions, such as a traumatic experience. But it’s not a sign by itself. Look on the life line and head line to see if they’re clear. If the head line is weak, broken or dips down to the Mount of Moon, it can denote emotional imbalance. Please note that a crossbar is not the same as a complete cross. The crossbar has less significance and can denote a period of worry.

crossbars on the lines

Cross Mark on the Head Line

On the head line, a cross mark can indicate a mental block, obstacle or self-deception. That means the person might lie to himself, believing in something untrue. For example, he might believe everything is well in his relationship, even though deep down inside, he knows it’s not.

Cross on the life line

On the life line, the cross depicts an obstacle or difficult period, such as financial hardship. Check the fate line for marks like the island. Also, see if there is a cross on the health line, which can point towards illness. Keep in mind that not one mark predicts any illness by itself. Look at the nails’ colour, skin condition and other abnormal things like warts/nodules.


Cross on the Mercury Mount

A clear cross mark on the Mount of Mercury under the pinkie finger is a traditional mark of dishonesty. Generally, it can depict problems with a business or in communication.

Cross Mark on the Mount of Apollo

Under the ring finger, the cross on the Apollo mount can signify a loss of reputation or frustration in pursuing success. If you find a faint cross under the mount of Apollo and Mercury (between the two) just beneath the heart line, it is said to signify a new home arrival or purchase of one. These types of crosses can come and go.

Cross on the Saturn Mount

The Saturn mount under the middle finger with a cross mark is a kind of challenging situation. Be careful not to confuse this mark with a combination of the crossing of the Girdle of Venus and the fate line. A cross on the Jupiter mount under the index finger is traditionally a mark of a happy marriage with a supportive partner.

Cross Mark on the Mount of Mars

The cross depicts a quarrelsome and aggressive disposition on the inner and outer Mars. Lori Reid describes the cross on outer Mars as unfavourable and an indication of antagonistic (hostile) influences.

Cross Mark on the Mount of Venus

On the Mount of Venus (ball of the thumb), it can mean unhappiness in love. A cross on the Mount of Moon shows an overactive imagination or a tendency to exaggerate. It can also depict the danger of travel or fear of travelling over water.

The Mystic Cross Mark on the Palm

The mystic cross is often challenging to understand. It is a cross between the head and the heart line in the plain of Mars. It must be a cross standing on its own, not made up of other lines like the fate line. Remember that if the mark is made up of a stress line crossing over a fate line, it is not a mystic cross. Ideally, this cross sits between the lines, not touching any other line.

mystic cross on the palm

If the mystic cross is present in its perfect form, it can denote an interest in complementary health techniques and esoteric (mysterious) topics. Some people believe it is a sign of psychic gifts; however, that’s not true from my experience. It also doesn’t automatically give someone an interest in metaphysics. What it can represent, though, is an intuitive and intelligent mind. I have seen people with this mark are managers, business owners and risk-takers.

The Mystic Cross Connects the Heart to the Mind Line

If the cross branches from the heart line to the mind line (head line), and vice versa, it connects the emotions (the heart) to the mind. With the branch from the head to the heart line, the mind receives energy from the emotional side. Therefore, the subject might combine the rationale with their feelings when making decisions. I have a video about the mystic cross. See it here

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