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Via Lascivia or Addiction Line on the Palm

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The Via Lascivia, addiction line, poison bar or allergy line, whatever you want to call it, can appear differently depending on what type of hand it is on. Generally, it is a line near or even parallel to the Line of Health. It can originate from the Mount of Moon, between the Lines of Life and Health, or even the Mount of Venus.

As the name Lascivia implies, the line stands for lasciviousness. The word lascivious means lustful and lewd, whether for money or pleasure. If the line starts from the Mount of Venus (ball of the thumb), it is more likely to be referred to as an addiction line. A shorter line which lies on the Mount of Moon is preferably named the allergy line.

Where there is a Via Lascivia line present, it can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs or both. The subject could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system.

The Via Lascivia line shape varies from one hand to another.

The length and depth of the line can also vary. If the line is long and stands out, there is sensitivity to drugs, chemicals and or foods. If it reaches to the life line, the effect is more profound. A finely broken and islanded line shows food cravings, and sometimes it is evidence of diabetes.

The intensity line

The Via Lascivia is easily mistaken for the intensity line and their meaning is very similar. The intensity line tends to sit higher on the palm compared to the Via Lascivia. It is usually a straight line. The intensity line is typical on an intuitive hand (fire hand), that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. These people tend to crave excitement like bungee jumping, or on the other end of the scale, drugs.

So, you could say that this line, no matter what you call it, shows a sign for two types of people, the hyperactive (always seeking excitement) and the potential drug addict. Someone dependent on prescription drugs might have the Via Lascivia or line of addiction.

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