Via Lascivia or Addiction Line on the Palm

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The Via Lascivia, addiction line, poison bar or whatever you want to call it, can appear differently depending on what type of hand it is on. Generally, it is a line near or even parallel to the Line of Health. It can originate from the Mount of Moon, between the life line and Health line, or even from the Mount of Venus. A shorter line which lies horizontally on the Mount of Moon is more commonly called the allergy line.

What you must remember is that palmistry is not an exact science. It takes a careful eye to understand how the lines form and why. Basically, all the lines on the palm can vary in shape, size and position. Even the main lines like the head, heart and life line are not always the same. The minor lines like the intensity line, girdle of Venus, via Lascivia etc. are the ones most likely to vary in their position and overall look.

As the name Lascivia implies, the line stands for lasciviousness. The word lascivious means lustful and lewd, whether for money or pleasure. If the line starts from the Mount of Venus (ball of the thumb), it is still a Via Lascivia but more likely to be referred to as an addiction line. However, the line on its own does not predict addiction or lewdness. Also, this line will have a different meaning depending on the person’s circumstances and even their age. (See below to read about if a child has this line).

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Where there is a Via Lascivia line present, the main and original meaning is that it can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs or both. The subject could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system.

The Via Lascivia line shape varies from one hand to another.

The length and depth of the line can also vary. If the line is long and stands out, there is sensitivity to drugs, chemicals and or foods. If it reaches to the life line and beyond, the effect is more profound. A finely broken and islanded line shows food cravings, and sometimes it is evidence of diabetes. If the line has many small lines parallel to it, or along the health line, care should be taken with the health.

The best way to know if there are sensitivities or allergies is to ask your subject. If they have none, and they do not take to drugs or medications, then you might feel the intensity line is more suitable. What you should remember though, is that the other lines on the hand can help give clues to what is going on considering everyone’s circumstances are different.

The intensity line

The Via Lascivia is easily mistaken for the intensity line and their meaning is very similar. The intensity line tends to sit higher on the palm compared to the Via Lascivia. It is usually a straight line. The intensity line is typical on an intuitive hand (fire hand), that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. These people tend to crave excitement like bungee jumping, or riding motorbikes. On other types, like if with a girdle of Venus and long head line, it can denote other intense feelings, like depression.

So, you could say that this line, no matter what you call it, shows a sign for two types of people, the hyperactive (always seeking excitement) and the potential drug addict. Someone dependent on prescription drugs might have the Via Lascivia or line of addiction.

line of addiction, via lascivia, intensity line, allergy line
The Via Lascivia (addiction line) and Intensity line

If your child has the Via Lascivia line from the Mount of Venus

A child with the Via Lascivia might show some fascination in dangerous acts. It could be something like climbing on top of the lounge or table. It’s a good idea to keep tabs on what he or she is eating to see if any hyperactive behaviour is caused by food. On the other types, it might be an emotionally needy child. For example, a young boy who gets upset when the mother leaves him at school. It might also be a teenager who quickly goes into depression if they feel unloved or broken-hearted. The Girdle of Venus also ads to the sensitivity of character.

Girdle of Venus

Girdle of Venus

The girdle of Venus shows a sensitive yet intense character. So it is a line which is common for someone who might abuse alcohol or drugs. However, it is not a definitive sign as such. The girdle of Venus can also indicate an intense state of nervousness and quick temper if aspects on the hand show these qualities elsewhere. The line in its full form strengthens whatever characteristics are present in the temperament of the individual. It is a mark of heightened nerves, feelings, and emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

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