Health and Longevity From the Rascettes

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Is it possible to see health and longevity from the rascettes? The Rascettes are lines on the wrist (also called bracelets). They are lines below the base of the palm on the wrist. There can be just one or more, usually up to five.

These bracelet lines are often ignored by modern palm readers. However, they shouldn’t be because they can give clues to the person’s overall health.

The top line is the main bracelet, and some research says that if it rises to the palm in the middle, it indicates gynaecological issues. The problems might prevent or give difficulties in childbirth. If the chain is full of strange minor marks, there could be health issues such as menstrual troubles. A weak, faint line can indicate a lack of stamina and the need to take care of the health.

Health and Longevity from the Rascettes

Longevity from the rascettes, traditionally, as per Gypsy and Chinese palmistry, shows that each full line represents twenty-five to thirty years of good health. So, the more bracelets you have, the luckier you are. If you have four, they say, then you are fortunate with a strong sense of family or social presence.

NOTE: Be responsible when assessing someone’s health; these lines are not medical diagnoses.

If the rascettes do show the state of your health, then ideally, you should have at least two lines that are well defined and run straight across the wrist, steady and unbroken. The top bracelet is the most important one.

According to Gibson, the frayed rascettes indicate hard work before success. If the lines are well-formed, it signifies a life free of excessive struggle. So, I guess what he’s trying to say makes because, in palmistry, messy lines don’t show a smooth life and vice versa. See here for marks on the life line information.

Some hand readers also look to the rascettes for lung or throat health. A smoker who already has lung damage might have broken or faint lines that do not form a chain. In some instances, the smoker will not have any rascettes at all below the first crease. Non-smokers’, if otherwise healthy, should have fine chains without defects.


From my studies, I have observed that young people, under the age of eighteen, might still have under-developed lines. Therefore, I do not seriously consider the rascettes in seeing health. These lines also change over time, so do not panic if your lines are not perfect.

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