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Crooked Fingers Meaning in Palmistry

crooked fingers, bent fingers, curved finger meaning

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Crooked fingers or a bent finger shows a moderate amount of variance to the qualities that the digit represents. Sometimes it is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a long-term matter.

The crooked finger shows that it is giving up some of its strength to the other. When the entire length displays a curve, it gains power from the other finger. It’s important to know the meanings of the fingers.

The finger that has another leaning or bent towards it depicts the most significant attributes. So as an example, if the ring finger (creativity, social life) leans towards the little finger, it is giving it more strength. It is showing that the business side of life has a creative aspect. However, if the ring finger is bent (rather than leaning) towards the middle, it is gaining strength to itself. The serious qualities of Saturn apply to creative matters, such as a writer or artist.

crooked fingers, bent fingers, curved finger meaning

If the index finger curves towards the middle, it can depict a variety of things. It can show a history of uncertainty one’s direction in life. It can also suggest that the person has a need for security. As an example, a woman who was always been a stay at home mum with no income would have a need for the financial security of her husband. It could also mean the person is insecure in other ways, like a jealous personality. She might not speak about her feelings much or that she keeps them a secret.

curved jupiter finger

When all the fingers bend inwards naturally, it shows a timid or even insecure person. But, it can also denote a selfish and shrewd character. The reason for that is that the bend inwards brings all the fingers together, suggesting a lack of openness or willingness. They may have a distortion of reality in their life, which may lead to corruption or unlawfulness, especially if the middle finger is short.

How to know if there are crooked fingers?

Sometimes it is easier to see crooked fingers if you look at the back of the hand. Even the slightest curve can make a difference. The fingers curved laterally, (such as the index and ring fingers bent towards the middle finger) it increases the perceptiveness of the qualities of the mounts beneath it.

If the mount beneath the finger is not even and is set lower than the regular line, it reduces the aspects of the mount. Any finger set higher than the others increases the qualities of the mount.

If only the very tip of the finger is crooked, it will have a more significant implication to its meaning. Usually just found on the Jupiter or Mercury finger. It indicates that there has been an altered mindset through circumstances. There may have been mental confusion that affected decision making, thoughts, and intuitive faculties (the way things are perceived). A sharp kink on the tip of the little finger can show the early history of family problems.

When all the fingers lean away from the thumb, their energy is in the direction of the inactive subconscious, indicating introversion. It may denote a reluctance to lead or demonstrate authority. However, not all the fingers will tend to lean or bend the same way. If the fingers are held close together, it shows caution, reservation, suspicion or secretiveness.

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