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Intuition Line, Do You Have One?

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The Intuition line lies at the side of the hand near the percussion. It rises on Mount of Moon, (lower percussion area) and in a curve, ends on or near the Mount of Mercury (mount beneath the little finger). The distinguishing feature of this line lies in its decided curve. It is a rather uncommon line. I have personally only seen a few in its entirety.

The existence of this line, if well and marked, adds significantly to the intuitive faculties and tends to enhance the Mercurian acuteness. If coupled with long fingers, pointed tips, full Mount of Moon and the head line sloping, the subject will be strongly psychic with visions, and they will be firm advocates in signs and omens. It is also one of the signs of intelligence.

A deeply etched line will give the most considerable amount of intuition. A broken or otherwise defective line (such as islands or crosses on the line) limits its value.

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It is not always so large, it can rise from the middle of the Moon mount.

Rising or branching lines from the intuition line 

Rising lines from the intuition line to any of the mounts can give clues to the benefits or downfall effects of it.

  • A clear line to Mount Jupiter shows potential success from the ambitious use of their powers.
  • A line to the Mount of Apollo is a sign of their fame.
  • If the line cuts through the line of Saturn (fate/career line), it can mean that use of the intuitive faculties might negatively influence the career. However, if it merges into the line of Saturn, it helps the career.
  • If it is partially mixed up with the line of Mercury, the health or nervous system may be affected by its powers if not used wisely.

Don’t mistake the intuition line for the line of Mercury

The line of Mercury, also called a health line, or line of the liver describes a person’s overall state of health. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon and runs upward towards the Mount of Mercury. It can sometimes look like the intuition line. However, this line mainly in indicates the state of the liver and digestive system. However, because of the qualities of Mercury, it can also depict business success or failure. If the line runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury with rising branches, it shows great success in business.

When this line is not present on the hand, it is that the individual is quite robust and rarely suffers health issues. The best kind of line is a clear, sharp line because it implies someone with a good constitution. If at any time the line appears red, inflamed or otherwise discoloured, it can mean there are toxins or an infection present, and the body is trying to fight it.

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A star will have at least three lines crossing at the same point. They should not have other minor or major lines and are independent on the palm. While most star markings are great, they come with a complex connotation. The reason could be due to the challenges that involve in the attainment of high-level success or recognition.

Crosses generally show barriers, negative circumstances or sudden events and so are usually an unfavourable mark to find. The cross has independent lines.

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