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Honesty Signs from the Hands and Fingers

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Honesty Signs From the Hands

Palmistry can reveal much about the character. But are there any honesty signs? Like can you tell if someone is trustworthy and honourable? No one wants to feel exploited, especially when feelings are concerned. Having some knowledge of palmistry can help in situations where you need to quickly judge someone’s basic personality.

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see another person’s palms in most circumstances. However, there are signs of the shape of their hands which may give clues. Shaking their hand will also give you a feel of their skin texture and consistency. The positive honesty signs, to look for, are;

  • Straight fingers and even phalanges.
  • A firm handshake and dry skin. (Although damp skin can happen when someone is nervous too.)
  • A square or squarish palm.
  • Square fingertips on the middle finger or thumb.
  • Straight thumb.
  • Fingers held fairly open, not tightly together.
  • The complete hand looks balanced.
  • None of the mounts appear too large.
air hand shape

The Thumb

Someone with a very waisted thumb may do anything to raise his or her status, including anything illegal. An even shaped thumb is best, especially if they have a responsibility for your accounts. The even thumb has both phalanges similar length and thickness. If the tip of the thumb looks square, with a square fingernail, it represents a practical and sensible nature.

The middle finger

The Saturn finger (middle finger) needs to be straight and of average length. A short middle finger can depict someone who doesn’t care much for rules and may prefer to socialize instead of getting the job done.

4 Potential signs of dishonesty

When looking for honesty, an easy way to check is to see if there are signs of dishonesty.

  1. The first sign of a potentially deceitful nature is crooked fingers (as long as they are not distorted due to an accident). However, it is not an absolute indicator. Often a person has had some issues in their life that cause curved fingers.
  2. When the Mercury finger (pinkie) is curved inwards like a claw, it shows someone who can be a natural liar. They might tell you what you want to hear, rather than what they are thinking. It also makes them naturally ‘charming’.
  3. When the thumb is held close to the palm, like tucked in, it can show insecurity, shyness or secretiveness.
  4. A spongy or soggy feel to the palm can also depict dishonesty or laziness.



1. Square palm with short fingers.

2. Square palm with long fingers.

3. Rectangle palm with short fingers.

4. Rectangle palm with long fingers.

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