Palmistry Secrets That You Should Know.

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Palmistry Secrets You Should Know

Palmistry secrets. If you missed out on reading my tips from Destiny Palmistry news, I am once again continuing the list of palmistry secrets from my past emails. I have twenty-two hand reading tips for your knowledge.

  1. Someone with emotional or mental problems often have curved fingers.
  2. The intuition line is a rare marking. Although an individual can be intuitive without it.
  3. Some fine lines are formed because we are sensitive to our environment.
  4. Breaks in lines are generally not a welcome marking.
  5. Most ‘fine’ lines on the palms are caused by stress and worry.

  6. Branch Lines rising from the fate line can depict material inheritance.

  7. Rising lines on the fate line – If the fate line continues in a well-formed line after the rising branch, it shows the individual has benefited greatly from the gift.
  8. In most cases, markings on the mounts accentuate the meaning of the mount either in a favourable or in an undesirable way.
  9. A star is one marking which is both good and bad. On a line, based on traditional meaning, it is an unwelcome find, but on the Jupiter or Apollo mount, it reveals extraordinary talent, financial windfalls or even fame as a reward for consistent effort.
  10. A long and deeply etched life line (if unmarked), show vitality, routine, stability and motivation.

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11. If the well-formed life line is coupled with a well-formed head line and long thumb, the thinking is clear, and success comes more effortlessly.

12. If your palmar ridges are fading over time, (if not due to old age) it can be a sign of poor health, or alcohol/drug abuse.

13. Someone with a flexible thumb is more likely to be eager to listen and help you out.

14. The lower part of your hand shows a part of your character that describes how you react instinctively or physically? The more pronounced it is, the more physical energy is available.

15. Restlessness and unstable moods can be seen in a chained heart line. It also shows disruptions in the love life.

16. Palmistry cannot predict the length of a personā€™s life.

17. It cannot foretell the number of marriages or children.

18. Palmistry cannot tell what your future partner looks like, what age or size.

19. Mineral deficiencies on the palms. One sign is a series of islands like a chain within the major lines.

20. The little finger is called a ‘Mercury Finger’ and will tell you a lot about someone’s honesty. If the fingers are very bent, that person is good at telling tales. ~ (Jane Struthers)

21. The long fingers show patience for more information and a much slower thinking person, but mentally very active.

22. Your skin texture is about your character. Someone with many lines all over their hands depicts a highly strung, nervous person.

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