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Hand Reading Facts You Should Know

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20 Interesting things about the hands and palm lines

If you are learning hand reading (palmistry), you will probably already know it’s a never-ending study. There are so many variations to the hands and palm lines that even professional palm readers haven’t seen them all. Also, not everyone has the same opinions or views on the meanings. Keeping an open mind and being practical is the best way to learn.

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Over the past few years, I have talked about many aspects of the hands and lines on the palms. If you have closely followed my newsletters, you would have seen the hand-reading tips. If not, don’t worry; you can type any palmistry term into the search bar on this website to learn about the palms, hands and lines.

Below, I have listed 20 facts you should know to become a good palm reader. You can read more of these facts in part two of this post about the secrets here.

1-10 Facts from the hands and fingers

  1. When someone has a palm reading and their hand is naturally clenched, they are not freely feeling open to you looking at their hands. They may be having difficulties coping with life or fearing rejection. Sometimes, it may be anger or resentment that they are holding back.
  2. If a person holds their fingers straight (not curled in), they feel self-assured, easy to get along with and optimistic.
  3. Straight fingers and even phalanges are some of the signs of honesty.
  4. The area under the pinkie (Mercury mount) reveals your business sense and communication style. If there are many lines on this mount, it shows an overabundance of these qualities. Often, the person is talkative, or they might be a writer or a blogger.
  5. A thick pinkie is rare, showing a keen interest in a business, building or finances.
  6. If the tip of a finger is crooked, it can depict a history of changes in attitude or mindset.
  7. Someone with thick fingers, in general, can depict a hard worker. If they are soft and flabby, it means the opposite!
  8. Someone who chews their fingernails has a very active mind. Boredom can be the reason, not always anxiety or nervousness.
  9. Dry skin on the hands can point to health problems or long-term stress unless they have been exposed to detergents.
  10. Tiny warts on the palms of the hand are a sign of long-term severe worry and a warning to make changes to remove the stress.

10-20 Hand reading facts from the palm lines:

  1. Parallel lines on the heart line indicate a wide emotional range.
  2. A wavy heart line shows unpredictable emotions in a person.
  3. Drooping lines, (like branches) from the heart line show disappointments in love or generally a negative attitude.
  4. A clear cross or dark indentation (dot) on the life line can indicate a shock, an emotional upset or a sudden illness.
  5. Obstacles in life can be seen on the palms by short horizontal lines that cross over main lines.
  6. The head line is an excellent indicator of how well a person handles stress. If they cope well with pressure, the line should be free of flaws and markings. 
  7. A long life line belongs to those who have a steady routine in their life.
  8. A short life line belongs to those who may get restless easily, like to travel and tend not to live in one place for long. If partnered with one who has a long life line, it will help them to settle down.
  9. Having a career line doesn’t necessarily mean having a steady career. It shows a steady flow of motivation or goals, whether a career or something else.
  10. A girdle of Venus is rarely a complete line and, more often, is a multitude of broken lines under the ring and middle finger.

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