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Signs of a Gambler in Palmistry

signs of a gambler

Is it possible to see signs of a gambler from the hands? When I think about a gambler, I think about someone who takes risks (but not necessarily calculated ones). I also consider their ability to handle money. For example, an intelligent business person might take a gamble, but he thinks about the risk factors and decides how to avoid losing money. But, a gambler, in general, speculates and punts.

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To learn about the signs of a gambler in palmistry, you need to understand what shows the opposite: a sensible and cautious personality. You can find these signs from the fingers and the shape of the hand.

Signs of a sensible and cautious personality

A straight index finger is one of the signs of a sensible person. If the index finger leans toward the middle finger, it suggests a cautious personality. The type is not so much likely to gamble with finances. In general, they are the introverted type. The same goes if the person holds the thumb close to the index finger.

The shape of the hand on a sensible type is the square (earth hand), or air hand. The earth hand looks balanced overall, not overly narrow or out of proportion. The palm looks more square than oval or rectangle. The air type has a square palm with longer fingers depicting the thinking types.

Signs of a gambler from the fingers

The middle finger represents Saturn, which is about responsibility, the law, discipline, solitude and work ethics. A short middle finger shows some lack of these qualities, hence potential irresponsibility in financial matters. However, on its own, it doesn’t depict a gambler.

The ring finger represents Apollo, which is about outward appearances, social life, creativity, style and influence. A long ring finger is when it is longer than the index finger. The long ring finger is another sign of a gambler, especially if it’s thick or over-developed. If with wide gaps between the fingers (at the base), money tends to slip right through their fingers. They love their freedom to do whatever they like, and so are the types who might gamble.

short or long finger meanings

A solid (stiff) thumb can offset these qualities. However, if the thumb is naturally held at a wide angle away from the hand, it shows a more adventurous and reckless nature. A small thumb can depict a lack of willpower. Therefore it is another sign of a risk-taker or gambler.

If the hand shape is the fire type, a rectangle or large palm with shorter fingers, they are the ones most likely to gamble. From the fingertips and fingerprints, the gambler might have rounded fingertips with loop prints except for the ring finger. If there is a whorl on the ring finger, it is showing someone a little more likely to gamble.

Signs of a gambler from the lines on the palm

A gambler or risk taker is likely to have a separated life line from the head line. The head line might also be broken or hardly visible. The heart line depicts how passionate someone is, so a gambler will have a curved line that reaches between the index and middle fingers. A simian line also shows a passionate nature, therefore indicating a risk-taker. Because of the obsessive nature of the Simian line, they might be compulsive gamblers. (See image below).

Simian line image by Sari Puhakka at Destiny palmistry
Simian line

Balancing features from the hand

Long middle phalanges on the fingers show managerial and business skills and can offset other signs. A long or well-developed thumb shows the ability to calculate the odds and curb risks. Square fingertips or fingernails depict a practical type, and whorl fingerprints on the thumbs and middle fingers enhance the professional qualities.

Signs of Luck

If you like to gamble and want to know if you have luck on your side, out of all the specific marks on the palm, the star is the one that most represents good luck and fortune. The most favourable position to have a star is on the Jupiter mount, beneath the index finger. It shows someone who has reached a position of power and prestige. You can read about more luck signs here.

More About Star marks

A star mark on the Apollo mount beneath the ring finger reveals talents that can bring its owner fortune. Famous actors often have this mark, but so do notorious criminals! Always check the other lines to see if there are other favourable signs. A star on the Apollo line shows a specific lucky event, such as a sudden windfall or fame. If the line continues after the star, it suggests that the blessing also brings happiness.

The Money Triangle

The money triangle is a line that rises from the fate line to the head line and shows money through a business idea or a career. Be careful; don’t mistake this triangle with other lines. Sometimes a stress line crossing at this point makes it look like the money triangle. A perfectly formed small triangle on the line of life shows a financial boost, whether through inheritance or something else.

The Fish Symbol

If the fish sign is at the end of the life line on the dominant hand, it ensures significant fortune, luck or spirituality during life. At the beginning of the life line, it shows much potential and an intelligent child. In the middle of the life line it depicts struggle, but a profoundly spiritual being who tends to care much for others. You can read the complete article about the fish sign here.

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