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fish sign, fish mark, fish in palm

Fish signs on the palm, what is it?

A fish sign on the palm is an oblong circle with a pointed end. It can also look like two triangles with overlapping lines. Sometimes there is a whorl or a dot that forms the eye of the fish. Symbols like the fish are very much Indian palmistry lore. However, I think it’s worth mentioning for the benefit of those who are keen to learn about it. Also, read about the Chinese fish sign at the end of this article. Don’t forget to share with your friends. 🙂

Direction and location of the fish sign?

fish sign, fish mark, fish meaning palmistry

The meaning can vary depending on which way the fish is facing, and on which mount it lies. On the mount of Jupiter beneath the index finger, it suggests power, honour, and respect. Some regard the fish sign on the Jupiter mount as an indication of wealth, especially if the mount is well-developed. It shows leadership, a pleasant, generous and spiritual or religious person.

Fish mark on the life line

If the fish sign is at the end of the life line on the dominant hand, it ensures remarkable prosperity during life. By prosperity, I mean a sense of accomplishment in what they have achieved. Not necessarily a monetary achievement but a feeling of worthwhile efforts and potential wealth.

life line types, weird life line palms, strange life line on palm, meaning of life line

On a man’s hand, it’s said to show an enormous success. In Indian palmistry, a fish sign on a woman’s hand is very auspicious, suggesting she will have good fortune. She will have children and a caring partner or husband that will outlive her. In India, it is considered bad luck for a female to be a widow, especially if she is still young. If the woman is a housewife, it suggests that the husband will be very successful financially.

fish sign, fish mark, fish in palm

Fish Sign on the Sun Mount or Sun Line

The sun mount or line or (also called Apollo mount) is beneath the ring finger. It is about reputation, social life, creativity, luck, happiness and flamboyancy. The fish will add to those qualities, helping with fame or fortune, especially if the person is in a creative field.

Fish Sign on the Saturn Line (fate line)

fish sign on rahu, ketu mount, rahu and ketu,

The Saturn line or career/fate line is about life direction, self-control, common sense and responsibility. The symbol here suggests that the subject is growing in their chosen path, whether career or other projects. The fish sign high on the Apollo line or Saturn line represents a career path that is gradually improving, especially after the age of fifty.

Fish Sign on Ketu or Rahu Mount

The fish symbol at Ketu or Rahu mount (the base of the palm) may be the most common, denoting a blessed life. In Vedic Astrology, the Rahu is the Sanskrit name for the north node of the Moon, the dragon’s head, and the Ketu (south node of the Moon) or the dragon’s tail. Many Indian palmists use mythology and astrology in reading symbols. Some also believe that these two areas are the only areas that give any real meaning to the fish sign. They also say the fish is an oval shape, unlike the images below.

fish on rahu, fish sign on Ketu

What if the fish sign is somewhere else?

The palmistry fish sign can be found anywhere on the hand. If the mark happens to have an eye, even better. When the fish has the head towards the wrist, prosperity is after the age of around fifty. If the head points towards the fingers, the success will be earlier. If towards the side, throughout the whole life.

A Chinese Fish Sign

The Chinese fish sign looks more like open-ended triangles which don’t have a tail. These lines are supposed to represent a serene life; a spiritual person who loves peace on earth. They know and understand the truth, and they will know if you are not being honest with them. They might also have premonitions. If the tail end crosses a finger, it indicates money luck.

More About Indian Symbols

Indian Palmistry Symbols and their meanings can vary between palmists. Some Astro-palmists claim that there are at least ninety basic signs. The study of many of these symbols goes back a long time to Sanskrit slokas, which is a body of writings by Aryan people who entered India from the northwest. This type of symbolism is not used by modern hand readers, not only because of how rare they are but because of the superstitious or illogical meanings.

I will not be attempting to find or list all the symbols; instead, I have picked out some of the more widespread ones. Some of these Indian palmistry symbols are fortunate, and some are unfortunate. Don’t worry though, an absence of any of them is not significant. It doesn’t mean the subject can’t achieve wealth or happiness.

If you do happen to find one of these symbols, don’t forget to seek confirmation in other parts of the hand. The meanings might also vary depending on which hand it is. The dominant hand would show the active conscious, and the non-dominant hand the passive unconscious.

The easiest way to understand the occurrence of symbols on the hand is to interpret them as something that reflects a person’s way of thinking. So, the sign on your hands tells that in the past, what you have done is the reason for the mark. It is not different from reading the lines in modern palmistry in the sense that they are a record of your past actions.

Indian Palmistry Symbols like the Fish Sign

  1. The anklet – A sign of protection.
  2. The arrow – A symbol of intelligence and spiritual magnetism. If the arrow symbol appears on a mount, or at the end of a line, it strengthens the positive qualities of line or mount.
  3. The fish – A serene life, potential wealth.
  4. Flag symbol on the palm – Shows positive outcomes.
  5. The star – A star can be a mark of sudden excess energy which can be good or bad.
  6. Swastika – A symbol of good luck. The Swastik sign is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions.
  7. The temple – Shows a high social or professional position and potential wealth.
  8. Axe symbol– Prosperity.
  9. Boat symbol – Wisdom.
  10. Bow and arrow is a symbol of protection, wealth or fame.
  11. The chain on a line depicts worry and uncertainty.
  12. The eye is a symbol of intuitive ability.
  13. Lotus Flower – Wealth, luck, comfort and long life.

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For the meanings of the sign on each of the mounts, click here for more.

More palmistry symbols: The list of money lines

  1. A single vertical line that rises from the heart line under the little finger (on the Mercury mount) shows potential for sudden wealth.
  2. The inheritance line is a short vertical line which sits in between the little finger and ring finger. This line depicts inheritance later in life.
  3. A trident on the fate line on the Saturn mount beneath the middle finger shows luck with money. It is often on those people who always seem to find the money somehow when times get tough.
  4. A star on the Apollo line (sun line or success line), shows celebrity status or sudden fame. Unfortunately, this star can denote any fame, even the criminal kind. It’s best to look for other positive indicators like a well-formed head line and heart line. 
  5. The money triangle is a line that rises from the fate line to the head line and shows money through a business idea or the career. Be careful, however, don’t mistake this triangle with other lines. Sometimes a stress line crossing at this point makes it look like the money triangle.
  6. The triangle of earnings is common and shows the ability to make money and hold onto it. It forms clearly when the health line, fate and head line crosses. Often there is a gap, and if so, it is not a triangle.
  7. A perfectly formed small triangle on the line of life shows a boost in finances, whether through inheritance or something else.

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