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Grille Marks on the Palm Meanings

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Grille Marks in Palmistry

If you are interested in palmistry, you should always see more than just the distinct significant lines. It’s essential to look for something unusual, like the grille marks on the palm. The term ‘grille’ is another form of the word grill, meaning a framework of bars. In the case of palm lines, they are a framework of fine lines.

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Most of the minor lines are a fundamental part of reading hands, for example, the health line, the fate and success lines. They have simple meanings and are usually easy to spot. However, it is the other marks that can make a difference in hand analysis.

How to spot a grille marking

Grille marks on the palm are a group of many lines in a patch. Typically, there are vertical and horizontal lines overlapping each other in one area, forming what may look like a lattice. These lines are not clean and neat, and there need to be many crossing lines. A couple of lines that overlap are not classed as a grille. Also, the lines on the grille are not always visible but instead a patch, like a blur of lines or skin ridges. The area might also be very dry or scaly.

The grille has different meanings depending on where it is on the palm. It might be health-related, or it can be something to do with the mental state. In some cases, the grille can be suggesting a problem with a close relative. Keep in mind that the lines and marks have a connection to the brain. These lines form based on past actions and current issues. If any mark represents a health warning, it is not a prediction but a sign that things might not be going along as good as they could.

 names of the mounts on the palm

Grille on the mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury is the padded area of the palm under the little finger. If this mount has a series of lines, it shows the person might be over-working. Communications are overwhelming, and there’s a risk of failure (especially in business). It can also be a sign of ‘shrewdness’, a schemer and con artist.

If the grille is on the side of the mount, near or over the marriage lines, it can suggest current problems regarding relationships. It might also be a health problem with the reproductive organs. A lady I used to read for had a dry, (scab like) patch of skin over the marriage line area for many years. It turned out that she was unable to conceive a child. Maybe it was a coincidence, but she also has never married.

Grille on the mount of Apollo

One of the grille marks on the palm that is most worrisome is the one under the ring finger, the mount of Apollo. It shows that there is excessive vanity and the person feels at a loss in their search for recognition. They may be talented, but their talent is not utilized and the happiness of future success is damaged (reputation). This is also the area of relationships and the social scene.

Grille mark on mount of Saturn

A grille mark under the middle finger is a sign of brooding. The person feels confined, and unlucky. Depending on other indicators, it can suggest ‘actual’ confinement. This is the area of ‘the father’ so there may be current issues with the father or grandfather.

Grille on the mount of Jupiter

The grille marks on the palm suggest excessiveness or blocked energies. The mount of Jupiter (beneath the index finger) represents ambition and power, therefore, it shows the frustration of authority. The individual might have a very domineering attitude. They might exaggerate and have a superstitious mind.

Grille marks on the lower part of the palm

Most of the grille marks on the lower area of the palm suggest health issues. Arthritis, stomach, intestinal, bladder and kidneys are the most common ailments. On the ball of the thumb, it can denote a tendency towards lasciviousness or unhealthy desires. On the opposite side (mount of Moon) feelings of sadness, nervousness or discontent. At the lower section of the mount of Moon, which is the mount of Pluto, is the area of the mother or grandmother.

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