Which Hand to Read in Palmistry?

which hand to read for female in palmistry for marriage

Which hand to read in palmistry and how to know the difference?

The hand that a person writes with is usually their dominant hand, and the lines and hand shape can show which is the non-dominant. Which hand to read in palmistry is sometimes tricky to answer; it can depend on whether you are from the east or the west. Indian palmistry can have strict rules on which hand to read for a female and which hand to read for a male. Also, it depends on the question; for example, a marriage query might require seeing only one hand.

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How to tell left from right hand in palmistry?

How to tell the dominant hand or non-dominant hand in a palm reading? The dominant hand is less flexible, demonstrated by a thumb with a smaller angle. The non-dominant hand tends to be more relaxed and have more lines because it shows our thoughts, and what is going on now. Therefore, it is essential to read the non-dominant hand to see inner thoughts or subconscious actions.

The dominant hand might describe what is happening in their material or the outer world right now, (the conscious). It shows what we are experiencing and whether we have developed and grown from our past. The right and left hands are usually different, which is why I always look at both.

Which hand is dominant if you are ambidextrous?

Some right-handed people believe they were pushed to use their right hand in their early years, even though they wanted to use their left. Many of these people are ambidextrous and wonder which hand should be read in a palm reading. A person asked what my thoughts were, and here’s my reply:

It’s interesting to hear that your left hand is dominant, but you were forced to be right-handed. I hear this a lot from some people because it was an old belief that the right hand should always be dominant and that the left-handed people had something wrong with them.

Those beliefs are outdated, and parents are now allowing their children to choose which hand feels best to use for writing, eating, etc. I always ask ambidextrous people which hand feels comfortable to write with and which hand they write with? Their answer tells me their dominant hand because writing is more intricate than other menial jobs with hands. I’m right-handed, yet I do many things with the left hand better. When you think about it, we are all ambidextrous in a way. As far as palm reading goes, it’s a personal thing, and I would need to learn the person’s past and see which hand shows the possible events or feelings etc. The situations that show up on the dominant hand will be different to the non-dominant based on an inner level of consciousness.

Which hand to read for female in marriage?

In my study of modern western palmistry, the dominant hand predicts a result of a marriage or union for a female. If there is a divorce, it can be visible on the dominant hand. I always look at both hands no matter what the question is and whether male or female. The hands make up a story, and each individual has a different story.

Which hand to read for a female in palmistry regarding marriage depends on where you are from. I have found that if you are a female in India, the left hand is preferred for a marriage reading. So for an Indian female, it is the left hand that we read for marriage. Many Indian palm readers like to only read the left hand for any subject for a female.

Which hand to read for a male in palmistry

When I first studied hands, I was told to read the left hand for a male, and the right hand for a female. The idea was that the male uses more of his right brain, therefore the left-hand shows more information. However, it is still more about which hand is dominant relating to predictions.

Which hand to read the life line on the palm?

The dominant hand will show likely future changes. Always check if both hands have similar lines, or if they differ. The non-dominant, often the left hand can show more about the feelings. For example, if a person has been through some emotional or chaotic events, it is likely to show more on the left hand life line. (or non-dominant). The dominant or right hand shows what’s going on at a conscious level.

Which hand to read for prediction in palmistry?

The non-dominant hand defines what is mostly happening on an inner level (subconscious) or potential. It shows what we feel we could be doing or should be doing. I read the history from the non-dominant hand, but both sides can depict past events due to timing on the lines. Remember that the lines on both hands only tell about what has happened until now, so they can change as circumstances change.

Health in the hands

As always, it’s essential to see both hands. However, I look at the non-dominant hand for current health issues and the dominant hand for changes in health, whether for better or for worse.

Which hand to read the fate line in palm reading?

The fate line is an excellent example of using the past and future in a palm reading for predictions. If the left or non-dominant hand has a weak fate line, but the dominant has a well-formed one, it can show that the subject has made life decisions or become more motivated. However, it can also mean that the person is not clear about their goals on an inner level.

If the lines are clearer on the non-dominant hand, the person will likely know what they want from life. The dominant hand will display the confusion that’s going on through the less clear lines.

Which hand to read the heart line and head line?

Different heart and head lines can help in a palm reading, especially if they vary from the left and right hands. An example from the chained heart line on the non-dominant hand; If the dominant hand has a clean (flawless) one, it shows the person is no longer as sensitive or nervous as in the past. The dominant hand will show if there have been emotional changes in the past.

The head line shows how we think. So, if there are breaks on the line on the non-dominant hand, the person might feel like they can’t focus. It might also suggest an indecisive nature. If the dominant hand has a regular line without breaks, the issues were in the past, and it doesn’t affect the person much.

Which hand to read when looking for changes?

It is a good idea to keep a record of the palms by taking a clear digital photo, a photocopy or ink print of both palms. This way, you can look them up later to see if there have been any changes and which hand shows the most change. Please remember that the lines are a reflection of our mind, hence they can and do change.

Variations in left and right hand fingers. Left or Right hand in palm reading?

The fingers themselves can also show characteristics that depict a different personality at home compared to the public eye. For instance, a short middle finger on the non-dominant hand indicates that at home the subject is carefree and tolerant, but if on the right, the middle finger is regular length (or long), they are more serious and firmer at work or in front of the public eye.

Another example that represents our responsibilities, boundaries and the law, is when the middle finger is short on the dominant hand, but not on the non-dominant, the subject may struggle to be responsible with the finances or be inclined to break the rules at work or outside of the home. But, at home, (represented by the non-dominant hand) or in their mind, they are very responsible and law-abiding. It’s not to say that is the general nature because other factors come into the analysis but consider finger length as a foundation of the reading.

How to do a hand reading? Watch video here.

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The article above is an excerpt from Life and Destiny Palmistry, copyright Sari A Puhakka.

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  1. I have studied palmistry for many years. I have read a good way to determine the dominant hand is to ask the subject to interlace their fingers, quickly, without thinking about it. The thumb from the dominant hand will be on top. I have found works well.

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