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Signs of Divorce from the Palm and Marriage lines

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Signs of Divorce from the Palm and Marriage lines

It may be possible to see signs of divorce from the palm or the marriage lines. However, whether these signs are evident before the fact or not is another matter. Anyone who understands me well knows that I don’t rely on marriage lines to predict marriage or divorce.

The information in this article is from the book ‘Life and Destiny Palmistry’. It includes some traditional theories as well as my understanding of palmistry.

The marriage lines, now more commonly ‘relationship’ lines are on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. Usually, a distinct line shows a long-term union, not necessarily a marriage. The fine, shorter lines represent a less significant relationship.

Some individuals’ hands reveal every line of every brief affair or union and others might only show one single line even if they have had more than one relationship.  

If you are interested to learn more about the marriage lines, see the first article here.

The signs of divorce from the palm stress lines

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Signs of stress in a relationship
  1. The marriage line which curves downwards towards the heart line.
  2. A fine secondary line might lie beneath the main marriage line.
  3. A stress line from the base of the thumb rises to touch it.
  4. Another stress line which reaches the heart line shows prior relationship worries, during the union.
  5. A branch on the inside of the life line can represent a loss because of the split union or possible divorce settlement.
  6. The life line takes a turn towards the fate line. Often the life line touches it or has branches reaching towards it.

Signs of divorce from the line itself

If the marriage line has a fork at the end, it depicts a split in the union. A deletion line can be together with the fork or on its own. The deletion line suggests that a relationship did not turn into marriage even though it was supposed to. It can also suggest divorce, especially if another marriage line is present above it.

Forked or split lines

A fork at the start of the relationship line is not a sign of divorce, but it does suggest that the union might have had a tricky or difficult beginning. By tricky, I mean that maybe the individual had to make a sacrifice to be with the other person.

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