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Signs of Divorce from the Palm lines

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Signs of Divorce from the Palm and Marriage lines (Including divorce line in female hand)

If you are interested in palmistry, you have most likely heard about signs of divorce from the palms. In my personal experience, marriage is one of the most popular questions in palm reading. But it is a little frustrating due to the inaccuracy of these lines. Nevertheless, in saying that, it may be possible to see signs of divorce from the palm lines if the person has gone through periods of stress. (Note: I earn from qualifying purchases as an affiliate from the links on this page.)

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What signs to look for?

To see potential signs of divorce, look for anything unusual that might point to trouble in relationships. These distressing lines don’t always mean that the result will be divorce; they show possible worries about marriage. Whether these divorce signs are evident before a break-up or not is another matter. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to predict marriage or divorce accurately.

If you have any signs and have never married or been in a long-term relationship, they are not signs of divorce. Stress from other areas of life can also cause similar markings. If you are reading someone’s palm, Having a conversation with the person getting the reading is always essential. Ask questions like, what are you worried about in your life? What has happened in the past regarding relationships? Also, what do you feel about marriage or divorce?

Many Palms Do Not Show Signs of Divorce

On some hands, even if the person has been through a divorce, there is no evidence of it. Not everyone reacts the same way to problems in their life, and most of these signs are stress lines. Just because someone divorces doesn’t mean it significantly impacts their lives and marks their hands.

Palm Lines for Prediction

The lines on our hands’ change often. Therefore it’s not wise to try and accurately predict any outcome. If you have some of these marks, they are warnings, not guaranteed outcomes. You control your destiny, and the marks are formed based on your actions. Your future actions are what can change the lines on your palms.

The marriage lines, now more commonly ‘relationship’ lines, are on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. Usually, a distinct line shows a long-term union. The fine, shorter lines represent a less significant relationship.

Some individuals’ hands reveal every line of every brief affair or union; others might only show one line, even if they have had more than one relationship. If you want to learn more about the marriage lines, see the first article here.

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Warning Signs of Divorce from the Palm Lines

The image below has the marks from the signs of divorce on a woman’s hand. Remember that she was already divorced when I read her hands.

Divorce line in a female hand: If only the marriage line (1) curved downward, it denotes unhappiness in the union. If the worry line from the thumb reaches the marriage line, it shows worry affects the relationship. On their own, they do not depict divorce.

If someone has lines (1) and (3) and is not in a relationship or marriage, they are worried about the possible future union, even if there isn’t one. Remember that, on most hands; these lines can change as circumstances change.

The marks (4),(5), and (6) on their own also do not imply divorce. See explanations below.

palm divorce lines and marks

The signs of divorce from the palm lines

  1. Firstly, signs of stress can point to marital problems. If the marriage line curves downwards towards the heart line, it represents emotional unhappiness.
  2. A fine secondary line might lie beneath the main marriage line.
  3. A stress line from the base of the thumb rises to touch the marriage line.
  4. Another stress line that reaches the heart line shows prior relationship worries during the union.
  5. A branch inside the life line can represent a loss because of the split union or possible divorce settlement.
  6. The life line takes a turn towards the fate line. Often the life line touches it or has branches reaching towards it.
  7. Another potential sign is when the heart or marriage lines are chained, branched or fuzzy. The chained heart line implies instability in the emotional realm, and downward branch lines denote disappointments.
  8. There might also be other areas of the hand with stress marks like dry skin or small wart-like nodules. You can learn more about stress lines on the palms in this post here.

Signs of Divorce From the Marriage Line

If the marriage line has a fork at the end, it is a stress sign. It means one of the couples is in constant worry about the union. It may be that, eventually, the relationship splits if the problems are not resolved. However, the fork also suggests that there may be a decision regarding the relationship that can go either way, up or down. Imagine the split in the line as being about choices, like coming up to an intersection on a road and deciding which way to turn.

fork in marriage line
A fork at the start of the relationship line is NOT a sign of divorce.

At the beginning of the marriage line, the fork suggests that the union might have had a tricky or complicated beginning. By tricky, I mean that maybe the individual had to sacrifice to be with the other person. It can mean the person has been divorced or separated before beginning a second relationship. Some palm readers believe it is a sign of soul mates coming together. I tend to agree.

A fork at the end of the marriage line suggests the energy in the relationship starts with a strong bond but has the potential to weaken.

stress in marriage lines

What is a Divorce Line? or Deletion Line?

A downward curving line shows the subject is not happy in the marriage. Hence it can be a sign of divorce. A deletion line is a small bar line that crosses the marriage line. It can be together with the fork or on its own. The deletion line suggests that a relationship did not turn into a union or marriage even though it was potentially one. It can also suggest divorce, especially if another marriage line is above it. A divorce line on a female hand is likely to be more apparent.

If you are doing a reading for someone else

Remember, if you are doing a palm reading, use care and tact, and never alarm a potentially nervous or sensitive person. As hand analysts, it is not our job to humiliate or discourage anyone. If you happen to fail to verify something, it is because you might not have judged the whole hand correctly. Remember that the lines can change over time; what is evident in your hands now does not imply a fixed outcome or event.

When using the lines for prediction, gather information from past trials that have led the person to be where they are now. Any lines or markings that might show the future are just assumptions. They show what is potential for the person based on past actions.

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