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Lotus Flower Symbol Indian Palmistry

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Do you have a Lotus flower symbol on your palm? A long time ago, some palmists in India discovered that the combination of some lines which form a sign or symbol adds more meaning to a Palm reading. This style is not used in modern palmistry.

The method of palmistry which uses symbols, in general, has become lost over the years, probably because they are so rare and maybe because they are not believable by modern or scientific understanding. However, I would like to try to keep some of them ‘alive’ just for the sake of knowledge at the least.

How to read the symbols

The easiest way to understand the occurrence of symbols on the hand is to interpret them as something that reflects a person’s way of thinking. So, the sign on your hands tells that in the past, what you have done is the reason for the mark. It is not different from reading the lines in modern palmistry in the sense that they are a record of your past actions.

It may also be that you are presently taking actions which form the lines. Each symbol might point to a significant part of your life. Do not read any symbol in isolation of any other lines, and it is wise to compare other factors from the hands and lines.

Be careful before assuming any signs

Also, it takes a good deal of practice before one can claim to have found one of these rare signs. For example, you may see a symbol that suggests the subject leading a financially comfortable life. However, that person may be struggling financially, so the entire palm needs to be analysed to understand the ‘whole’ story.

Don’t worry if you do not have a lotus flower symbol on your palm, they are rare! But instead focus your life, work and actions towards the goals you wish to achieve, and the lines can change accordingly.

The meaning of the Lotus flower symbol

The Lotus flower symbol appears in many images of celestial goddesses etc, whether they are holding them or sitting around them. The symbolic meaning is having good luck. In mythology, the lotus is an indication that something significant is about to happen in life. In a palm reading, it depicts an abundant and satisfying life. Look for the lotus flower symbol on the dominant hand with other positive indicators such as well-formed lines.

The flower might not always be in its complete form. See the various shapes in the image below.

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