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Money and Luck Signs in the Palms

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What are money and luck signs in your palms?

Many people see having money and luck as very similar things. In palmistry, money and luck signs depend on our attitude towards life and wealth. The consistency of the hand is one of the first signs to see, because a soft and doughy hand reveals a lazy attitude and potentially one who is not prepared to work hard. Therefore, a firm hand shows more luck.

Luck is generally not picked by just the lines or markings in the palm. Money and luck signs depend on the shape of the hand and the firmness of the mounts. The fingertips also show drive and ambition. Pointed fingertips are not usually the signs of a driven individual. Ideally, at least one fingertip has a somewhat squarish or spatulate look to it.

A square palm with average or short fingers (earth hand) is likely to make money through their own hard work. A square palm with long fingers (air hand) often know about financial markets and investments, hence they would benefit from the purchase of property etc.

A rectangle palm with short fingers (fire hand) tend to have good fortune and attract money through various investments. However, they are the risk takers which may make their spending somewhat erratic.

The narrow hand that appears long (water hand) belongs to those who are not particularly business or finance minded. However, their artistic talents are what can make them wealthy.

Signs of a risk taker

A part of money and luck is taking risks (preferably calculated risks). A straight index finger shows a sensible person. If the finger leans out toward the thumb, it shows a love of adventure and its owner might enjoy taking risks. If the index finger leans toward the middle finger, it suggests a cautious personality. The cautious type is not so much likely to gamble with their finances.

A short middle finger shows irresponsibility in financial matters. A long ring finger is the sign of a gambler. Long middle phalanges on the fingers show managerial and financial skills. A long thumb shows the ability to calculate the odds and curb risks. If with wide gaps between all the fingers, money might slip right through their fingers so to speak.

Money and luck signs on the palm

Out of all the specific marks on the palm, the star is one that most represents good luck and fortune. The most favorable position to have a star is on the Jupiter mount, beneath the index finger. It shows someone who has reached a position of power and prestige.

A star mark on the Apollo mount beneath the ring finger, reveals talents that can bring its owner fortune. Famous actors often have this mark. A star on the Apollo line shows a specific event of luck, such as a sudden windfall. If the line continues after the star, it suggests that the windfall brings happiness as well.

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