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Romantic Personality in Palmistry

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What Might Show a Romantic Personality in the Palm of Your Hand?

In modern palmistry, we look mainly at how a person has developed based on their past. The character is most evident in the shape of the hand and the lines of the palm. With a single glance, the length of the palm and fingers immediately tell you something about the romantic personality in palmistry. When I say romantic, I mean someone charming, fanciful, passionate and imbued with idealism; someone preoccupied with love.

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The character from the fingers

Short or long fingers tend to stand out. Therefore it is an excellent way to recognise the character instantly. The short fingers reveal a passionate nature but also restless and impatient. They don’t like to go into fine details, preferring to rush into things to get the job done. They can be brave but also impulsive. If the fingers are thin, it shows more tact. Thick fingers depict bluntness.

The long fingers show patience for more information and a much slower thinking person, but mentally very active. If the fingers appear neither long nor short, you have the perfect balance of character in general. However, the square palm and short fingers might not show a romantic personality in palmistry.


When I first met my partner, I recall I looked at his hands (as would any palm enthusiast like myself). The first thing I noticed was that he had long fingers. I have short fingers, so straight away, I knew that we would have a different way of thinking. The fact that I knew about his slow ways and love of detail from a mere glance helped me understand that I would have to learn patience (which is not a bad thing).


The romantic person is idealistic and sensitive, so the hand shapes, which would reveal these qualities, would be one with the rectangle palm. Water hand and Fire Hand.

  1. The fingers are smooth with long top phalanges and round or pointed fingertips; the more pointed they are, the more passionate they are.
  2. Fingernails are round or oval.
  3. The base phalanges on most of the fingers are thick, showing sensuality and love of indulgence.
  4. The mount of Moon and Venus are relatively the same size, springy and well-rounded but not overdeveloped.
  5. The thumb is flexible, of reasonable length and size.
  6. The texture of the skin is soft to medium coarseness.
  7. There are often many fine lines over the palm.
  8. The heart line is long and curved, ending high on the Jupiter mount or all the way up to the index Jupiter finger.
  9. The head line is also curved, sloping down to the Mount of Moon, portraying good imagination and someone who is in touch with their feelings.

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