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Success in the Palm of Your Hand

success in the palm

Can you see success in the palm of your hand?

The question ‘Will I succeed?’ comes up often when reading palms. Also, success for one may not be the same for another. We are not the same character as one another, and our hands are not the same. Even if you don’t have the typical success signs, you might have other features on your palm that show potential for success. The hands and palm lines can change over time. Therefore, realistically anyone can have signs of success.

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What to look for in the hands and palm lines?

Firstly, look at the shape of your hand. The type of success you might have is greatly depended on your personality. What’s important, too, is the quality of your hands, the skin, the ridges and especially the lines. If you can take a clear photo, it helps to have a record. Over time, check again; if you see your lines changing, it can have a significant meaning.

If the skin or lines start to look a little worse for wear, it might indicate that you are overstressed. You might need to reconsider your plans and actions. Think about what motivates you. Also, think about whether you are taking action towards that goal. NOTE: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from this website’s links.

The shape of your hand gives clues to your type of success

The fire shape will have a more energetic life. The water hand types have a more quiet style. The earth hand will find their success in practical ways, and the air hand loves detail in what they do. You can read more about suitable careers on this page.

hand shape examples by Destiny palmistry, art by Sari Puhakka.

Your fingerprints

The fingerprints you have also show how you make decisions in life. Emotions rule how you work if they are primarily loops, like waves. Fingerprints that are a full circle show more determination and selfish motives. The flat mound-looking prints (arch shape) belong to the more practical, down-to-earth types. You can read more about fingerprints here.

See success from the palm lines.

The success line, also known as the line of Apollo, the line of the sun or creativity, is a vertical line that rises from the upper areas of Moon Mount. It is not present as a complete line on all hands and is more typically found only in segments. When one has the success line on the palm, it signifies the sense of achievement and satisfaction that a person feels.

The longer this line, the more it shows the ability to express creativity, personal fulfilment or merely the capacity to enjoy life. It is not a guarantee of fame and fortune, but it does bring a certain amount of luck into the individual’s life. It shows that there is potential for accomplishing a great deal. In some cases, this line rises from inside the life line; it is then referred to as an inheritance line, suggesting money or property acquired from the family’s estate.

The life line

The life line can show whether you enjoy a quiet life or a more outgoing, energetic one. A short life line, for instance, depicts restlessness and a need for change. A long life line belongs to people with deep-seated roots in their family life and love routine and steady order. The more prominent this line is, the more energy there is for life. For more about the life line, see this article.

What if your hand doesn’t have perfect lines?

What you need to do, is first learn about the basic lines and how they should look. Then decide if the lines are of poor quality. Making changes to your daily habits, taking action on your ideas and staying motivated are keys to your success.

I have seen the almost perfect hand many times. They might have the ideal length of fingers, not too long or short. The palm might also be squarish and not too narrow. The thickness of the hand and the consistency looks healthy, as do the fingernails. Lines that don’t have too many deviations or marks also show the steady life of someone with good character.

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If your hand appears to have areas that are not perfect, then that’s the area you should work on. For example, if your nature is shy, you should work on your confidence. If you have faded or missing lines, look at what you can do to improve that area. For instance, a missing or faded career line shows your past lack of direction. You need to decide firmly what you want to do and take action.

If you have many fine lines all over the palm, try to find ways to stop worry and negative energies. Think about what you want and focus on one thing at a time. Neat lines form when we think along the same lines without deviation.

Your health is in your hands.

Your health, too, is essential. The hands can show if you are lacking energy or if you are just being lazy. Look after your health, and you will be able to have the energy to succeed or at least achieve your goals. If your hand is covered in many fine lines, you are sensitive to your surroundings and must care more for your health. Stay away from things that make you feel uneasy or cause unnecessary worry. Don’t allow other people’s energy to drain yours. See health in your hands here.

I use a similar method as Richard Unger to decipher life’s purpose from fingerprints. Check out my example video below to learn more about fingerprints.

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