Success in the Palm of Your Hand

success in the palm

Can you see success in the palm of your hand? Of course, you can. But we are not the same character as another, and our hands are not the same either. Even if you don’t have the typical success signs, you might have other features on your palm that show potential for success. The hands and palm lines can change, so what’s really important is to start looking and paying attention to any changes.

What to look for when keeping watch of the lines?

Firstly, look at the quality of your hands, the skin, the ridges and especially the lines. If you can take a clear photo, it helps so you don’t have to try to remember everything. Over time, check again, and if you see your lines changing, it can have a significant meaning.

If the skin or lines start to look a little worse for wear, it might be a sign that you are not on the right path. You might need to reconsider your plans and actions. Think about what motivates you. Also, think about whether you are taking action towards that goal.

Many palm readers are faced with questions about predicting success, but it’s not something that simple. You cannot rely on a prediction alone to guide your future. What you can rely on is your own attitude. If you don’t like something or the way your life is going, you change it; it’s that simple.

What if my hand is not perfect?

What you need to do, is firstly learn about the basic lines and how they should look. Then decide if the lines are of poor quality. Making changes to your daily habits, taking action on your ideas and staying motivated are keys to your success in the palm of your hand.

I have seen the almost perfect hand, many times. They might have the ideal length fingers, not too long and not too short. The palm might also be squarish and not too narrow. The thickness of the hand and the consistency looks healthy as do the fingernails. Lines that don’t have too many deviations or marks also show a steady life of someone with good character.

If your hand appears to have areas that are not perfect, then that’s the area you should work on. For example, if your nature is shy, then you should work on your confidence. If you have faded lines or lines missing, look at what you can do to improve that area. For instance, a missing or faded career line shows your past lack of direction, you need to decide firmly what it is you want to do and take action.

If you have many fine lines all over the palm, try to find ways to stop worry and negative energies. Think about what you want and focus on the one thing at a time. Neat lines form when we think along the same lines without deviation.

The Success Line

palmistry line, success line, fate line

The success line, also known as the line of Apollo, line of sun or creativity, is a vertical line which it rises from the upper areas of the Mount of Moon. It is not present as a complete line on all hands and is more typically found only in segments. When one has the success line on the palm, it signifies the sense of achievement and satisfaction that a person feels in their life.

The longer this line, the more it shows the ability to express creativity, personal fulfilment or merely the capacity to enjoy life. It is not a guarantee of fame and fortune, but it does bring a certain amount of luck into the individual’s life. It shows that there is potential for accomplishing a great deal. In some cases, this line rises from inside the life line; it is then referred to as an inheritance line, suggesting money or property acquired from the family’s estate.

Your health in your hands

Your health too is important. The hands can show if you are lacking energy or if you are just being lazy. Look after your health and you will be able to have the energy to succeed or at least achieve your goals. If your hand is covered in many fine lines, you are sensitive to your surroundings and need to take more care of your health. Stay away from things which make you feel at unease or cause unnecessary worry. Don’t allow other peoples energy to drain yours. See health in your hands here

About me

I remember the first time I looked at my palms, at age eleven, I had heard about palm reading but didn’t think I would come across a palm reader. But I was at my uncles birthday party, and one of his friends was a psychic palm reader. She was giving anyone interested, a free reading. I was definitely interested, assuming the chances of me at that age, finding another palm reader, especially for free, was limited.

I didn’t hesitate to stand there and put my hand up in excitement to get her attention. As the only child there, she took notice of me. This now was forty-one years ago, but I still recall some of the things she said to me. The first thing I remember is that she said I was too young to have a palm reading. I understand that now because the hands and lines change as we mature. Even after the hand has finished developing, the muscles (mounts on the palm) and lines can still change. However, she did say that I might have two extraordinary relationships, (likely two marriages) and four children. I didn’t really believe her at the time, after all, I was so young, but it did make me curious about the subject from then on.

What got me started in palmistry

By the time I was ready to leave school, I spent much of my time studying books, my hands and my palm lines. My mother said to me that she thought my hands looked weak like they lacked muscle tone. At the time, I hadn’t used my hands to work with much except for knitting and crocheting. It wasn’t until after a few years working, I noticed the shape of my hand change. They no longer appeared weak, the mounts were developing and even the lines started changing. I recall (at first) not having a success line, and also, the fate line was just a little scratch.

The lines on my palm changed

I kept an eye on the lines over the past years, and I can confirm that many of them have altered. It was motivating for me to see the success line get longer and for the fate line to appear deeper. Knowing what I do and watching the lines improve over time is very encouraging in that fact that I feel like I’m on the right path.

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Hi, my name is Sari Puhakka, author of Destiny Palmistry books and the founder of Destiny Palmistry Hand Analysis Australia. I would love for you to learn the sensational art of hand analysis. Whether you are a novice or have some familiarity, there is always something new to learn. Palmistry is more than merely looking at the lines on the hands. The art of analysing hands is about seeing the character and finding your success in the palm, your potential and purpose in life.

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  1. Different from you, my palm-reading path did not start by meeting the palm-reader. My palm-reading road starts from my bad fate. As I meet the bad fate in my life, I start to study palmistry to find out the answers.

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