Fingerprints to Tell Life Purpose or Mission

fingerprints for life purpose

Fingerprints to Tell Life Purpose

You might be surprised to learn that you can use your fingerprints to tell life purpose. We all have a particular calling or purpose in life; it is our passion in pursuit of a dream, your dream and what it is you want to attain in your life.

In Palmistry, you can use fingerprints to tell life purpose. The real reason for knowing your purpose is to be aware of why you are here, living the life you are meant to live, your values, your worth, and your goals from a soul perspective.

Get to understand your personal motives and make clear life decisions to claim your power and live your best life possible. Decipher your life purpose based on the pattern of your fingerprints. They are your personal identification, and the pattern never changes.

Over many years of study, it shows personality traits are connected to various types of prints. In palmistry terms, there are four main groups and several sub-groups. The four main groups make up the life purpose fingerprint reading categories. 

Four fingerprint categories

Fingerprints in hand analysis are used to tell the character. Even though each print is unique, there are four main groups for these patterns. The categories are whorls, loops, arches and the tented arch.

The four categories of fingerprints can have many variations, and sometimes we find a pattern that doesn’t seem to fit into any of them. For example, a double loop can at first glance looks like a composite whorl. When this happens, it is essential to examine the triradius. A triradius is a ‘Y’ shaped pattern of ridges that split into three directions, usually found on one or two sides of the print. If there is only one triradius it is a loop, with two triradii, it is in the category of a whorl.

Is your fingerprint pattern similar to any of these?

Check your own fingerprint patterns and count how many look the same or similar.

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Where the central pattern lies on the fingertip

The central part of the fingerprint pattern is where we can analyse its form. If the shape appears to be high up on the tip of the finger, it can show someone who is mainly the intellectual type. If the pattern is lower on the fingertip, towards the top crease, it can denote a more practical person.

To get a basic understanding of how to read fingerprints overall, merely combine the qualities represented by each finger to the meaning of the print, and you get an understanding of the character and potentially see where their talent or development lies.

The highest-ranking fingerprint

The whorl ranks the highest in the fingerprint patterns. It is because it’s the most condensed pattern, it shows aptitude or growth in an area. For instance, a whorl on the thumb could point to leadership. Someone with at least four whorl fingerprints has exceptional skills or possesses a dedication to a specific cause. The arch and the loop is the pattern that can show an area of the life’s purpose since it has the least amount of intensity.

The print with the least concentration is where we can find our life lessons. It is these life lessons that can steer us to our purpose.

Your life purpose includes a stage of development commonly referred to as ‘schools’ from the book “Life Prints”, by Richard Unger (See Richard Unger). The reason for this is that we are all at a particular period in our lives and while we go through life’s lessons, we are developing our purpose.

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The four schools that Richard Unger has chosen to tell life purpose:

  1. Love – at least eight loop patterns.
  2. Wisdom – there need to be at least two tented arch prints.
  3. Peace – you need to have two plain arch prints.
  4. Service – four whorl patterns.
  • LOVE – If you have at least eight loop fingerprints, your development phase in your life purpose is ‘love’. It is the most important theme in your life. The objective is to master your emotions, and have love and closeness; to be able to express your genuine self. It also includes learning self-love and living a passionate life (being passionate about life).
  • WISDOM – If you have at least two tented arch prints, your phase is ‘Wisdom’. You want to take risks and commit to a purpose. You must learn to move from thinking about it, to actually doing it. Be a participant, not just an observer.
  • PEACE – If you have at least two arch prints, you belong to the theme of peace. You seek calm and happiness in your life, without excessive drama. You want to feel safe and enjoy being alive and well. You’re not afraid of hard work.
  • SERVICE – If you have at least four whorl patterns, the development phase in your purpose is ‘service’. You want knowledge and to be able to teach, mentor or serve others without being overly controlling, and knowing when to say no or yes.

Loop fingerprints meaning

Loops are the most common patterns and are recognised by their distinct loop formation with a single off-centre triradius on one side. The average loop points towards the thumb side, (opening away from the thumb) depicting an open-minded nature.

Occasionally the loop appears the opposite way with the loop pointing towards the thumb; they are called radial loops. The radial loop changes the connotation of it slightly, the person is very caring and puts others’ needs first before their own – on the left hand, most likely family, on the right side, the public in general.

If the fingerprints are predominantly loops, (especially if on all ten fingers) there is a great deal of flexibility and adaptability in the persona. They are friendly, easy-going and work well in a team environment. They can be committed workers and partners, but at the same time, they are ready for change if necessary, from the many varieties of interests that they have. While they enjoy diversity and freedom, they may lack individuality or struggle to finish what they commence.

The whorl fingerprint meaning

Whorls have a centre that appears like a full circle, a coiled spiral or an ‘S’ pattern. The whorl always has two triradii, usually one on either side of it. Having many whorls exhibits someone who can be focused, determined and responsible, preferring to be in charge. They have a desire to help others; they are individual, independent and highly motivated folk. However, because the whorl is closed in a circle, it represents a less open and adaptable mindset, so they tend to be secretive as well as keep their feelings to themselves. They may also come across as selfish because of their need for space.

The arch fingerprint meaning

The arch print does not have a triradii, and the ridges form the shape of a mountain or hill but are not as sharp as the tented arch (no tentpole appearance). It is a simple pattern that reflects the owner as being humble, grounded and unassuming. If the prints are predominantly arches, it suggests a lack of confidence, or caution and a pessimistic view of life. If something gives them enthusiasm, such as a person or project, they can go to extremes with their obsession.

They may not be very trusting of others, but they can be reliable and trustworthy themselves. They are usually quite old-fashioned with a need for security and peace in their life.

If a person with many arches happens to be materialistic, they find themselves having to work hard for everything they need and want. However, they are rarely the intellectual type, they often do appreciate the more beautiful things in life. Their skills are physical ones involving the use of the hands.

Tented arch fingerprint meaning

A tented arch has a single triradius in the centre which rises vertically to appear like a tent or tent pole. These usually only occur on the index finger. The individual with a tented arch print is passionate and competitive with high energy levels and so has good potential for success due to their enthusiasm. They may find it difficult to relax.

These fingerprints to tell life purpose should be combined with the meaning of the fingers. See this mini eBook to learn about finger meanings.

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