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The Mars Line Shows You’re Awesome.

mars line

Mars line meaning on the palm

The Mars line can be a positive marking on the palm. It is a line that runs from the inside of the life line down towards the mount of Venus. It can begin from inside the thumb or from the start of the lifeline itself. If with a broken or weak life line, a Mars line is favourable. The line mainly runs away from the life line. Another name for the Mars line is the Warrior line. A line parallel to the life line is usually referred to as a support or secondary life line.

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This line can vary in meaning because it is not always in the same place or the same length, but no matter what it looks like, it is a very dynamic marking. When it runs parallel with the whole duration of the life line, it is an inner or secondary life line. The person will have a broad sense of their strength or spiritual guidance. See below for more information about the secondary life line.

Various Meanings of the Mars line or secondary life line

If the Mars line starts at the life line and is more than an inch long, it gives more qualities of Mars: physical courage, energy, and talent in the military (or war). If the Mars line runs parallel to the life line, it sometimes depicts a person with a dual personality (or they may have a twin). With a dual personality, often there is also a double head line. Someone with many of these lines running vertically on the Venus mount, the person is involved in the lives of others. If these lines are deep, like creases, there may be lowered energy levels due to aging or stress.

If the line is very close and parallel to the life line it can be an influence line instead. In most cases, the influence line does not start with the life line. The influence line can represent a marriage, support or otherwise give strength to that part of the line.

To calculate the timing of events on the mars line is done the same way as timing on the life line, (see the article here).

What does it mean to you if you have a parallel line?

When the line runs parallel to the life line, it acts like a second line (sister line). The meaning of the line depends on the person’s current situation, and it can be:

  • Extra health support during times of illness or difficulty
  • Extra backup energy
  • Unique talent
  • Support from family
  • Caring personality
  • Spiritual awareness

The line can be timed against the life line to predict a period when the line is in effect. If the line begins at the edge of the palm, the support or strength is from the time of birth. Remember that other factors need to be checked to confirm the analysis.

Other awesome lines you might have.

THE DEDICATION LINE: The dedication line is like a fate line that starts from the Mount of Mars. Sometimes it stops at the heart line, which depicts a potential change in career into something more aligned with their desires. Because the line originates from the outer (upper) Mars area, it has Mars energy. It shows someone dedicated to their work or can cope well under pressure, especially if the mount is firm. It shows determination to help and do well in the career, especially after forty.

THE COURAGE LINE: The courage line has a similar meaning to the dedication line. It originates from upper Mars but ends on the Apollo mount. The career will be likely to be creative. Some palmists call the Mars line the line of courage, which does make sense, considering it originates from the inner Mars area.


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