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Palm Lines and Palmistry How Does it Work?

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What is Palmistry and how does it Work?

In Modern Palm reading, the palm lines are no longer considered a part of fortune-telling. Modern palm-reading websites appear on various internet sites for curious readers for free information about hand features.

Palmistry is the practice of palm reading for a meaningful understanding of personal life and events. It is grounded in the belief that our palms have lines and curves that determine patterns in the different spheres of human life. These areas include love, career, emotional expressiveness and even success in career.

People have become interested in knowing the possible outcome of their situations and decisions, and they have started to turn to palm reading for guidance.

Although palmistry began before ancient times, it is still widely practised around the globe. It has been practised in India, China, Tibet and even in ancient Babylonia.  Its modern appeal has also been mainly online leading to more opportunities both for practising palm readers and clients and psychic enthusiasts who need special guidance.

Palm Lines

The lines on your palm reflect the brain activity. The more lines there is, the more brain activity occurs. Someone who works with their hands has fewer visible lines. Someone sensitive to their environment will have more delicate lines. If the palm is covered in many spider-web type lines, health could be an issue.

Palmistry involves palm reading the psychic line, and palm readers believe that these lines and curves can tell, predict and assume the future events of different people.

The West used modern palmistry during the 1800s. It got popular attention from the people and persecution of the Catholic Church who called it a pagan practice.

Modern Palm Reading

Today, people have been turning to palmistry to expand their knowledge about the things that involve their personal lives and decision-making. Palm readers have also been keen on considering the latest changes of life in contrast to ancient palm reading practices.

Modern palm reading appears on various internet sites for propagation and information. Some psychic websites offer palm reading online and even other psychic methods like tarot card reading, numerology, and others.


There are many ways of doing a palm reading, and these include the analysis of the shapes of the hands, the understanding of the relations of lines and curves of the palm. Fingerprints are also a part of hand reading.


Usually, the handshapes have four major types which use the classical elements of astrology. While there is a clear belief in what these elements do, hand shapes are also believed to be indicators of various character types that exhibit different attitudes towards life events. The four classical elements used by modern palm readers are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Earth is typically identified by large, square palms and fingers that have thick and rough skin and are reddish in colour. The typical earth hand type is a farmer, business owner, truck driver etc. Someone who likes working with their hands. The less muscular earth type hand might belong to the business owner.

Air hands are also square with lengthy fingers, pointed knuckles and often dry skin. If your hand shape is mainly square, it gives practical qualities to the personality. Combining practicality with the thinking type, these people can become very successful in their field. Often musicians have this type of hand.

Water hands are oval in shape with long fingers that are sometimes flexible. The hand overall looks long and narrow, this type belongs to the artists and visionaries.

Fire hands are rectangular but with shorter fingers. The fire hand depicts the enthusiastic and energetic types.

Some traditions believed that Air and Water hands have fewer deep lines and more fine lines. Earth and Fire are more characterised by fewer lines. These are all essential knowledge for the practice of shape analysis.

The Palm Lines

Lines are the distinct creases on the hands that provide the palm readers with clues to analyse the subject’s capability. These lines are carefully studied in palmistry to correctly arrive at knowledge about a person’s character and show the present and future events.

There are two types of lines: the major lines which include the life line, head line and the heart line. The minor lines comprise lines such as the fate line, girdle of Venus, Apollo line, and Mercury Line. Each of these lines shows tendencies of human life which includes love, career, and emotions.

The Major Lines

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The Life Line is the line of vitality and vigour, and it is the line that traces from the edge of the palm above the thumb which arcs towards the wrist. This line is to show the well being of a person. It includes the changes that happen all throughout one’s life, events that imprison deep feelings within and even physical aches of the individual’s body.

The Heart Line obviously shows the style of love, attraction, and emotions. These are qualities we often associate with our romantic side and intimacy towards other people. The heart line is the horizontal line under the fingers. It is the line of emotions and how we show love.

The Head Line is from the edge of the palm under the index finger that traces towards the outside edge of the palm. This line denotes the person’s mind and how thought processes affect a person’s way of communicating. The head line can also show possible issues with the mentality.

The Minor Lines

minor palm lines

The Apollo line under the ring finger is the line of fame as well as scandals. Many crossing marks or stars on the Apollo line is inauspicious. Other names for the sun line is the sun line, success line and luck line. It is a luck line because most people who have it, tend to be happy with their life.

The Girdle of Venus is above the heart line is the line of sensitivity. This girdle is not always in its complete form, but instead multiple broken lines.

The Mercury Line is the stretch of line from the base of the hand that points toward the Venus line. This line shows physical problems like health.

Some other lines include Union lines (marriage lines) that indicate kinship relations and family ties of the person. The travel lines which as the name suggests is central to trips and journeys in life. Other markings that are equally of help in determining traits are the crosses, triangles, various shapes and other intersecting lines within the whole stretch of the palm. These are the little details of the palm that tells much about the person’s life.

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