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Mercury Line Health Meanings in Palmistry

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Mercury Line Can Show Your State of Health

The Mercury line, also called a health line or line of the liver describes a person’s overall health status. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon and runs upward towards the Mount of Mercury. This line mainly indicates the state of the liver and digestive system.

However, if this line reaches Mercury’s mount, it can also depict business success or failure because of Mercury’s qualities. If the line is a single line and runs deep onto the Mount of Mercury, it can show potential business success.

A normal health line that depicts good health should be relatively free of flaws and breaks.

What if there is no Mercury Line?

When this line is not present, the individual is quite robust and rarely suffers health issues. However, the missing Mercury line can mean that the person is not aware if or when some health issue arises. The best kind of health line is a clear, firm line because it implies someone with a good constitution.

mercury line


A weak line is faint, fragmented, chained or multiplied. It can show that health is not as robust as possible, but I have seen a weak line of Mercury on perfectly healthy individuals who say they rarely suffer any illness. When this is the case, I believe the person may be very aware of their body and take care not to do anything which may upset their system. These people take care not to eat the wrong types of food—for if they did, they might discover some health issues such as digestive complaints.

If the line is chained throughout, it is possibly a diseased liver and or stomach condition. With every appearance, variation, or defect in the line, the head and life line should always be consulted first. Also, look at the nail colour and fingernail marks for potential clues. Please remember that just one feature alone in palmistry is not an actual diagnosis of any disease.

Fragmented or broken line of Mercury

A fragmented or broken line of Mercury is standard and can occur when the body is under stress; they may not be aware that there is a health issue. Most of the ailments or dysfunctions related to this line revolve around digestion, elimination, kidney, liver, and respiratory areas. A broken or split line can also indicate a current or past health issue.

When the Mercury line is a patch of fuzzy, scratchy, broken or dotted lines, it can point to digestive and bowel issues. In the image below, the person suffers from IBS and food allergies.

fragmented health line

Mercury line that crosses over the life line

If the life line has an island on the lower part, it shows a time of uncertainty. A line of Mercury that passes through this island can depict a more severe condition. Check the quality of other lines for the same period, and the life line after the island. If lines are well-formed and free of breaks, the constitution is likely to be healthy, and the condition is liable to pass.

Other lines to look for when a Mercury line is present

Whenever we read the lines, we should look at the other lines to help us understand the whole picture. One of the main lines for allergies is the Via Lascivia, which is also known as the allergy line, addiction line, or poison bar. This line can appear differently depending on what type of hand it is on. Generally, it is a line near or even parallel to the Line of Health. It can originate from the Mount of Moon between the life and health line, or the Mount of Venus.

via lascivia, allergy line

The traditional meaning where there is a Via Lascivia line present can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs or both. The subject could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system. However, in my studies, these lines point more towards hyperactivity or a predisposition to depression.

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