Long Narrow Hand What Does it Mean in Palmistry?

narrow hand


One of the standard methods for assessing the form of the hand is by using the four astrological elements of water, fire, earth and air. This system uses the size and length of the fingers and palm, like the narrow hand or wide hand.

A narrow hand – water handshape – In astrology, the water signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Also called the feeling hand. The water handshape type is characterized by long palms and long fingers, the hand often appears very narrow overall. (The star signs do not necessarily match the person with a narrow hand.)  

narrow hand

The fingers will be lean with conic or pointed tips. The hands often feel soft and kind of damp. There are many fine lines all over the palm that reveal someone who is sensitive, intuitive and dreamy.

However, in palmistry, we always look for things that are out of proportion. So a narrow hand that seems to be extremely so can give a different meaning. This type of long hand is out of balance, and reveals signs of instability, (even insanity), depending on other indicators. A very long and deep head line can suggest moodiness. If the head line is broken, then the mind does not think clearly or they use their emotions to make decisions. A well-developed mount of Pluto can suggest negative thinking or over imagining. A straight heart line can mean a ‘cold’ personality. 

The narrow long hand character:

  • They are often extremely imaginative, creative and compassionate, attracted to the arts, healing professions or counselling.
  • The long fingers show their patience and eye for detail, but they can be unworldly or impractical.
  • Health wise they are vulnerable and can lack energy; they may suffer stress-related issues.
  • Having some form of spiritual beliefs will be helpful in their day to day motivation.
  • They are quite introverted and so will prefer peace and quiet and to move at a slower pace in life, with a dislike of rowdy crowds and competition.
  • Because of their intuition and connection to the emotions, their feelings are easily hurt; they can pick up other people’s moods without even realizing it.
  • The longer and narrower the hand and fingers are, the slower is their thinking and the more unstable their personality, especially if with a long dipping head line, and a well-developed and low-set mount of Pluto. (see image).
  • Very long fingers can depict a suspicious or cruel nature with a lack of sympathy.

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