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Simian Crease the Single Horizontal Palm Line.

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Simian Crease on the Palm

On a small proportion of hands, the heart line (distal transverse crease) and head line (proximal transverse crease) appear to join as a single line. One long line across the palm is the Simian crease. In some cases, the crease is present with the head or heart line, a variation of the Simian crease. (read more below about the Suwon and Sydney crease).

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If we look at the Simian line aesthetically, it gives the impression of simplicity, and there’s nothing overly complicated about it—one line instead of two.

Because the emotion line and the practical thinking line are together, the person might be intense in their feelings or thoughts. The owner of a Simian crease can possess great potential for strong will and focus, many of whom are ambitious and driven. Primarily if they have found their niche and had opportunities in their life regarding education and family support.

Simian Crease Facts

The Simian line is more frequent on males and tends to run in families, and not all have it on both hands. It is also more common in Asians and Native Americans. This line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome.

R.L. Down explained the medical importance of the simian line as a diagnostic marker for Down syndrome in 1906. However, it was not until 1959, when the data was recognized in science when J. Lejeune discovered that an additional chromosome causes down syndrome.

The crease has also been associated with fetal alcohol syndrome, Aarskog syndrome (a rare condition recognized by short stature and multiple body abnormalities). It’s now recognized as mostly inherited and considered a regular feature.

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What does the word Simian mean?

The name Simian as a noun means monkey. The Simian line is present on the primates and named when found on the human hand. Because of the name’s origin, many palm readers now prefer to call it the single transverse crease. However, when I use the term Simian, I do not think about or refer to any monkeys!

See a video lesson about the Simian line here.

Simian crease on both hands

When there is a Simian crease on both hands, it depicts someone with a lot of energy or enthusiasm. These are passionate people who might be a bit too much for the ordinary folk. The bursts of energy may come in stages of ‘full-on’ or ‘full-off’. So they might discover their passion and go for it, ‘all in’. If confronted with an obstacle, it might be an instant ‘all out’. However, to hypothesize about this crease, compare other features of the hand, such as hand shape, finger length, thumbs, and lines; including fingerprint and palm patterns.



There are many variations of the Simian line, such as the Suwon crease. With a Suwon crease, there is a heart line across the palm or the second section of a head line to the heart line. This type of line might depict a person who is quite demanding in matters of love and expect a lot from their partner. Money or power is often essential to them. If you need more information on this, please join our group here:


The Sydney line is a head line that crosses the palm, but a heart line is still present. These variations are a little more complicated in their meaning. There may be pressure on the emotions or mental capacity, and so the individual tends to over-analyze feelings or thoughts. The positive side to it is that they can absorb much of the information, thus making them top researchers. Read more details about the Sydney and Suwon crease in this article.

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