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Are you seeking meaningful self-awareness and new clarity about your life?

Destiny Palmistry hand analysis – Did you know that through a thorough hand reading, you can achieve a complete change in how you feel about yourself?

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The art of analysing hands. It has been practised for centuries to examine your character and personality, motivations and desires and how you see the world and live your life. A palm reading can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential future.

How exciting to be able to have a knowledge of understanding people through hand analysis. There are countless benefits to learning hand reading, including improved relationships, developing deeper self-awareness and even to give yourself additional revenue by providing readings for others.


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Learn about people from their hands even before speaking to them.
People inherit many physical features and character traits from their parents, but we are all unique, and our hands show it. The basic shape of the hand is especially an important part of reading the palms because it is what helps us to determine the first and most fundamental character of the person. Example a fire hand.


If you are a professional coach, a therapist, counsellor, or healer, hand analysis allows you to add additional means to your range of work. You can give your clients more insight and clarity for finding their way and attaining their maximum capacity to achieve their goals.

However, you do not have to want to be a hand analyst to benefit from identifying the character. Whether you would like to enhance your career or simply extend your understanding of self or others, these easy lessons are for you. You can learn to instantly recognise if a candidate is suitable for the type of work that is required.

As an employer, you want to hire a person who can help to build your business successfully, so then you want to be able to understand the various personalities and how best to get along. Example earth hand


Relationships can undoubtedly turn into an endless conflict of demands but if you know each other’s mission in life and also what causes particular reactions in your partner, it is easier to be compassionate towards your spouse.

What about when you are seeking a partner, would you like to see in advance whether you might be compatible? Moreover, if you think you are not, you will at least understand and have the confidence to pursue the relationship having an open mind towards someone opposite to your character.

Palm reading online – Are you seeking meaningful self-awareness and new clarity about your life? Did you know that through a thorough hand reading, you can achieve a complete change in how you feel about yourself? Do you need advice on anything that’s bothering you right now?

A life mission reading

Your life’s mission from your fingerprints, combined with features from the hands, will reveal a KEY THEME of your life, your strengths and what you need to know to use your full potential.

We all have a particular calling or purpose in life; it is our passion in pursuit of a dream. Your life mission reveals your power that will propel you towards that goal.

Scientifically based information from the fingerprints will not only help you get a clear direction in your life from your strengths but explain your life lessons, your weaknesses that are holding you back and why you keep struggling in some areas of your life? What’s my life purpose?

  • Will you succeed in your career and are you headed in the right direction in life?
  • What lucky signs do you have, like the line of success?
  • Do you have what it takes to succeed? Trial palm reading.
  • Prediction of career success.
  • Signs of success from the palms.
  • Early warning signs of health risks.
  • What guidance will you receive through life lessons discovered through your fingerprints?
  • What is your actual mission or purpose in life?

Destiny palmistry hand analysis

Imagine having this knowledge and just how much it could help your life decisions.
That is what Palmistry is all about! Learning to read hands can be a beginning of an incredible journey of discovering more about yourself as well as others. Your true potential and hidden character traits can prepare you for success in achieving future goals, career, relationships, family, health and more!

Palm reader in Brisbane – The workshops by expert palm reader Sari Puhakka takes you from the very basics of hand reading that gives you all of this information from the hands alone. It is an easy way to learn palm reading.

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Destiny Palmistry hand analysis – The Book about all the palmistry lines out soon – Hand Analysis Australia is the new name for hand analysis tutoring and workshops by master palmist Sari Puhakka. Hand analysis online – Quickly learn palm reading and answers to questions such as: Why do I have a low libido?

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ABOUT US: Destiny Palmistry hand analysis is owned and operated by Sari Puhakka. The business is focused on providing you with a high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We provide lessons, workshops, as well as palm and intuitive readings.

A note from Sari:

At the age of eleven, I attended my uncles fortieth birthday party with my family. He had hired a palm reader to entertain his guests, and as a very curious little girl, I simply had to know about it. She did a quick reading of my hands. I have never forgotten what she said to me because they came true.

By the time I left high school, my interest had grown to the extent that I spent many hours in the library searching for suitable books to read. It was not long before I was practising with my friends and taking notes for my study. My hands were the greatest asset as I continued my learning over the next years to come. It has been a long journey which continues as I live my passion for hand analysis. Other passions see here (fishing).

The main reason I originally got inquisitive about reading palms, was personal. I discovered that some negative markings had appeared on my palms (based on what I had read in books).

Palmistry hand analysis – the life line.

One mark, in particular, was the look of my life line, (the line around the ball of the thumb). I was not happy with what I saw, in fact, it made me quite fearful about my future.

This marking was like a split in the line, and then it formed back into one line, ‘an island’.

Some palmists say that this is a very negative sign, even to say it shows disease like cancer. So you can imagine my horror and fear when I found this island on my life line. This marking is not a reliable indication of cancer, nor a forecast that cancer or any other disease is present. It is, at most, a sign that something causes the energies to split in two directions. I have explained in detail in the new book, All The Lines.

Destiny Palmistry hand analysis

How exciting to know that you may be lucky in love, money or have a special gift!

A Palm reading can help you discover more about your future, your health, life and its lessons. A thorough reading of the hands can show individual potential, qualities of character and our behaviour. The palms can reflect the thoughts and motivations of the mind.

The Study of the hand, Chiromancy is one of the oldest of the ancient forms of divination, which has long been known as palmistry. This study helps us to learn about ourselves and our goals in life.

In modern times, a new methodical approach to hand reading has evolved (Chirology) which uses not only the study of the hand shape and fingers but also of the lines, markings, skin texture, palm ridges, and fingerprints.


Often, the major lines are what people look at most when questioning about their palms.

What is evident in your hands now, does not mean that there is a fated outcome from what we see. As our thoughts and desires change, new lines can be formed, and old ones can fade.

The lines which are most likely to change are the minor lines. The major lines are least liable to change quickly over time. The palm ridges and fingerprints do not alter at all.

Palmistry hand analysis – Are you ready to know more about yourself?

You may be lucky in love, money, travel or have a special gift!

There is more to analysing hands than just reading the lines. It is a combination of comparing aspects of the whole hand, and so it can take some time to do. The basic shape of the hand is especially an important part of reading the palms. It is what helps us to determine the first and most essential character of the person.

Did you know your fingerprints can reveal your possible life purpose or choice of career? Discovering this extra information can give you direction in life or more confidence in your abilities.

Destiny palmistry hand analysis

More about Sari Puhakka:

All of the readings are all personally analysed and written by Sari, a palm reader of more than 28 years. Born in Finland 1967, and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia with her partner and family. She is also a published author of Destiny Palmistry and Claim Your Power.

Do you have questions about making suitable career choices?

This website is to assist in giving a general understanding of palmistry and for ordering readings by e-mail. All questions and images of palms should be e-mailed directly to the palm reader and payments arranged through pay pal or Skrill.

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