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Tented Arch Fingerprint Meaning in Palmistry

tented arch, tented arch fingerprint

Tented Arch Fingerprint

If you are new to palmistry, you might not realize that fingerprints play an essential role in hand reading. These patterns make you be you, and they do not change, which is why they are so important. In this article, you will learn about the tented arch fingerprint.

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For over five centuries of observation and study of genetic medicine, psychology and brain science, scientists have proof that examination of the character from the fingerprints is possible. I believe that understanding your nature is the ultimate way to enrich your life and the prints are, without a doubt, a great place to begin.

Around 80% of all fingerprints have the loop, whorl, or arch pattern. A tented arch fingerprint is much rarer. You will recognize it by a single triradius in the centre, slightly above the top crease. The triradius is like a small triangle and rises vertically to appear like a tent or tent pole. On some fingers, it hides under a small loop.

Tented arch fingerprint palmistry

The tented arch fingerprint is usually only found on the index finger. It belongs to people who are passionate about their endeavours. They get deeply involved in whatever interests them. Some seem to be ‘highly strung.’ They can get so enthusiastic about their hobby or work that they go to extremes.

They can be sensitive to change, and don’t like change or criticism. The people with a tented arch fingerprint have a high chance of success due to the level of energy and devotion. It is not easy for them to relax as they do not do things by halves.

The tented arch character:

Idealistic, creative, sporty, energetic. These people can easily motivate others with their eagerness.

A subject with a few of these is straightforward and straight-faced. Although, unexpected events can cause them to become temporarily unbalanced or unable to cope.

Overall, the tented arch shows an average level of growth in the area it appears. On the index finger, it refers to ambitions, also of the self-image and ego (Jupiterian qualities).

Some examples of the personality associated with the tented arch

A woman I know with two tented arch prints (one on each index finger) was an avid fish keeper. She started with just one fish tank with a few angelfish. Eventually, she became so obsessed with her aquariums that she bred her fish. The juvenile angelfish required special food, and she set about breeding brine shrimp and micro worms as well. Her house was not big enough to cater to her hobby, so she built an extra room to house her twenty-plus fish tanks. She has a tented arch on both index fingers, and her way of life shows she doesn’t do things by halves.

The difference between the tented arch and the plain arch.

The arch print does not have a triradii, and the ridges form the shape of a mountain or hill but are not as sharp as the tented arch (no tentpole appearance). It is a simple pattern that reflects the humble, grounded and unassuming.

If the prints are predominantly arches, it depicts a practical nature, but with a cautious and pessimistic view of life. They may not be very trusting of others, but they can be reliable and trustworthy themselves. These old-fashioned individuals have a need for security and peace in their life. If a person with many arches happens to be materialistic, they will find themselves having to work hard for everything they need and want. Rarely the intellectual type, their skills will be physical ones involving the use of the hands.

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